Blueberry Fat Bombs

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If you’re looking to up your fat intake on a ketogenic diet, I can’t think of a tastier way to do that than Fat Bomb candies!  I keep my lemon-coconut version and this recipe chocolate version  in the freezer at all times, but do get tired of just the two flavors all the time.  Today I decided to try a blueberry version!  Made them two different ways: with whole berries; and with pureed berries. Not sure which is my fav, but I think the pureed version makes for nicer eye candy.  :)

I just bought a large carton of blueberries this week and modified my lemon-coconut fat bomb recipe, making the obvious changes for this fruit.   These came out delicious!  I confess the pureed version was a little grainy, but blueberries don’t get all their lovely fiber count from nowhere, ya know.  But the taste was delightful.  As with all fat bombs, you have to eat them straight out of the freezer, as they melt quickly in your hands.  These are suitable for Atkins Phase 2, OWL once you get to the berries level of the carb ladder.  They are OK for Primal, but not Paleo.  Below is a pic of the silicone ice-cube trays I used.  Of course, you can use other silicone molds or even make these in a small, shallow pan and cut into squares, twisting the pan slightly to pop out the frozen squares.  Plastic ice-cube trays work nicely, too.

Note:  Coconut cream is NOT the same thing as the cream of coconut bartenders use, which has a lot of added sugar.  What I use is pure coconut cream.  I used to order by the case on-line, but now I can get it at my local Natural Grocers.  This is what I use: .  I suspect Wholel Foods and Trader Joes carries it.  Tropical Traditions has it also.  If you chill a can of coconut milk overnight, coconut cream is the thick stuff that rises to the top.  Spoon that off and you have coconut cream.  :)

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The pan I used (2)

Silicone ice cube tray I used (2)


1 scant cup blueberries (about 9/10 cup)

1 stick butter

3/4 c. coconut oil

4 oz. cream cheese, softened

¼ c. coconut cream

Preferred Sweetener to taste

DIRECTIONS:  You can put these together in either of two ways: using whole berries; or pureeing the ingredients.  The latter more uniformly diffuses the blueberries.  I like them both ways equally.

Place silicone candy molds onto a baking pan for support and set them near your work area.  I used honeycomb silicone ice-cube trays to make the ones shown above.  The recipe made 24 fat bombs for me that are about 1″x 1″.  If your molds have smaller, shallower slots, you will undoubtedly get more than I did.

Pureed Version:  Place berries, coconut cream and softened cream cheese in a food processor or blender and puree until smooth.  In a saucepan over low heat, melt the butter and coconut oil.  Cool slightly for 5 minutes and add to the food processor.  Puree again until smooth.  Add your sweetener of choice.  Add sweetener slowly, tasting and adjusting to suit your preference level.  I like to transfer the mixture to a spouted measuring cup or pitcher and gently pour the mixture into the molds not quite to the top.  Place pan on level surface in your freezer and freeze about an hour.  Pop them out and enjoy or freeze in plastic bags.

Whole Berry Version:  Place 3-4 blueberries into each mold slot.  In a saucepan, melt the butter and coconut oil over low heat.  Remove from heat and slightly cool for 5 minutes or so.  Add all remaining ingredients and whip well with a whisk or stick blender if you have one.  The cream cheese will separate a bit, but not to worry, as it will taste just fine in the final treats.    Add sweetener slowly, taste and adjust to your sweetness preference. Transfer the mixture to a spouted pitcher or spouted measuring cup for easy pouring into the molds.  Fill each slot not quite full. Place in freezer on level surface for about 1 hour.  Pop them out and enjoy or freeze in plastic  bags.

Whole Berry Version

Whole Berry Version

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Number of servings will vary, depending on size of molds.

1/24 batch:  116 cals., 13g  fat, .44g  protein, 1.02g  carbs, .18g  fiber, .84g NET CARBS

Entire recipe:  2788 calories, 311 g fat, 24.5 g  carbs, 4.3 g  fiber, 20.2 g  NET CARBS

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15 comments on “Blueberry Fat Bombs

    • I can buy it at my local Natural Grocers; Whole Foods probably has it; Trader Joe’s probably has it; has a variety of brands. I have ordered cases of it on-line from Wilderness Family Naturals when they had it on sale (shipping is stiff, but it’s still cheaper when it’s on sale with shipping than at my local Natural Grocers). If unavailable, you can chill a can of coconut milk and just scoop or the thick part that rises to the top of the can. That’s coconut cream separating from the water.

  1. Hi buttoni… Thanks again for the recipe… I made a batch today without coconut cream (our Natural Grocers had none). I cut it in half, and just added coconut oil to sub for the coconut-cream and an additional ounce of cream cheese. I just used my boat-motor (hand blender) in my 4 cup glass measuring cup since it was only about 2½ cups total. Then instead of trying to pour into my candy mold (mine looks like yours except it has 35 holes in it) I put the mixture in a quart zip lock bag, squeezed the air out, nipped the corner and piped it into the molds. It was still too much to fit in a single batch so I just waited and piped the remainder into the second batch. I got about 55 hexagon pieces from half a recipe. I may have to call them fat bomb-lettes! I have other molds which produce bigger sized bombs, so I’m going to experiment with those too. No pics this time, but I promise the next batch I’ll insert pics. I also am awaiting my order of Valrhona Chocolate Cocoa Powder . Thanks again for this marvelous recipe!! I like these even better than my Coconut Fudge Fridge Candy.

    • I’m glad you liked these and that you were able to revise the recipe to accommodate the ingredients you had on hand. Sometimes ya just have to do that. :)

  2. Can you use plastic ice cube trays for freezing this treat? How often can you eat these? I have been on low carb for 3 months and lost 3 sizes.

    • Yes, Judy, your plastic ice trays should work. With a slight twist, the treats should pop out easily, but I wouldn’t overfill them. Of if you fill them fuller, you can always run cold water under the bottom to loosen the treats. You can have these as often as your food tracking indicates you’re not going over on your level of carbs, calories and fat. I do a combination of Atkins and Primal and try to keep my fat at 60%, protein 30% and carbs at 10%. It really Depends on what low-carb plan you are following. I only have them once or twice a week, but I’m not a very big sweets eater.

  3. Dawn, I would sub in coconut milk (chilled and use the thick part that rises), or perhaps use heavy cream. They might freeze a little harder with heavy cream (more like ice cubes) because of the higher water value, but not much I don’t think. Let me know how that works, would you? Other readers might want to sub that out.

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