Fried Chicken

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You regular readers know how I hate to stand over a hot skillet of grease to fry anything.  I invariably get popped with hot grease and get burned, thus all the oven-fried recipes on my website.  But hubby asked me to make “real” skillet-fried” chicken for dinner tonight, so I accommodated.  I wasn’t sure what to coat it with, but remembered reading a recipe somewhere on the web for a coating that used whey protein powder, so I decided that would be my foundation ingredient.  To that I added crushed pork rinds for crunch and a touch of oat fiber for a flour-y taste.  BINGO!  The resulting coating was very close to my old high-carb flour coating!  And although I didn’t make any cream gravy with the browned skillet bits, I tasted them and they would have made an excellent batch of gravy had I been of a mind to make any after frying the chicken.  I’m so pleased with this recipe!!  Great flavor!  Crispy!  And tasted like a flour coating!  A winner in my book.  Hubby said this was the best low-carb fried chicken I have tried in over 4 years of low-carbing! My heretofore popular Oven-Fried Chicken, with all its spices and flavor, may have just taken a rear seat to this one, considerably more like your mama’s flour-coated fried chicken!

Next time I will actually try to oven-bake this on a non-stick sheet pan and see if it crisps up as nicely as when fried.  I’ll post my findings here when I test that out.    In order for this to be suitable for Atkins Induction, you’ll need to omit the oat fiber.  As I can’t know how you cut up your chicken, or what size pieces you tend to eat, I can’t really provide nutritional stats for the entire final meat dish.  Instead, I am providing nutritional info for 1/10 of the coating, as it was just enough to coat 10 pieces of chicken: 2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings and 4 pieces of breast as I cut them into halves to speed cooking time.

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3/4 c. plain whey protein

1 c. crushed pork rinds (about 2 oz.)

1 T. oat fiber (omit for Induction or gluten-free)

1 tsp. my Seafood Spice blend (or seasonings of your choice)

½ tsp. onion powder

½ c. Parmesan cheese

1/8 tsp. coarse black pepper

2 large eggs

¼ c. heavy cream

¼ c. water

Deep, hot grease (I used palm shortening)  in a large 13-14″ skillet

DIRECTIONS:  Measure out and mix all dry ingredients in a paper bag by shaking well.  In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, cream and water together.  Toss in the pieces of cut up chicken into the egg wash and turn several times to well coat each piece.   Pick each piece of meat out of the bowl and drop into the bag of seasoned “flour” and when you have 3 pieces in the bag, holding the top closed, shake the bag to coat the chicken.  Don’t put more than 3 pieces into the bag at a time or they will not coat well.    Place them into the hot grease on high heat.  Repeat with the remaining pieces of chicken.  I was only able to fry 8 pieces of chicken in my largest skillet at a time, so I saved the wings for last as I knew they would cook quite fast.  Brown the chicken well on one side disturbing as little as possible.  Turn pieces of chicken over carefully to brown the second side.   When brown and done (about 30-40 minutes) remove to paper toweling to drain and finish cooking the remaining pieces.   Serve at once with your favorite sides.  I served mine with leftover cauliflower I topped with cheese and chives.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes enough coating for 10 pieces of chicken.  Numbers are for the coating only.  Be sure to add in the info for the chicken piece(s) you eat!  1/10 batch of the coating contains:

113.4 calories

7.26 g  fat

1.72 g  carbs, .53 g  fiber, 1.19 g  NET CARBS

12.8 g  protein

209 mg sodium

78 mg potassium

12% RDA Vitamin B12, 8% calcium, 11% phosphorous, 12% selenium

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4 comments on “Fried Chicken

  1. The recipe looks amazing. I just wanted to check and make sure you actually meant that you fried the chicken for 30-40 minutes. Is that correct? It just seems like a long time…..but obviously whatever you did seemed to turn out amazing.

    • Yes, mine took about 30 minutes to get done. But then fried chicken has ALWAYS taken me that long to get done (even in my pre-low-carb days), sometimes 45 minutes for really large chickens with big thighs and big legs. Those are the pieces that take the longest to cook. I always make sure to put them in the hot grease FIRST.

  2. WOW, Peggy. From the look you would never know this is actually not a heart attack waiting to happen. It looks as good as any fried chicken I have ever seen and your choice of ingredients for the batter is a perfect combination; love the use of chicharones. Very impressive. I’ve bookmarked this one for later use.

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