For full information and detailed program information on the Atkins Nutritional Aproach (ANA) visit:  For your convenience, below you will find direct links to the lists of foods that you are allowed to eat during each of the four phases of the Atkins program.  I indicate in a recipe’s introduction whether or not it is OK for the initial 2-week Induction phase (forgive me if I missed a few). I have also added an INDUCTION RECIPES link at the right side of the page to see only those recipes (currently about 300 of the 700 total on site).

The links below will help answer quick questions and make meal planning perhaps easier as you browse the recipes on site.   For more in-depth help, you should either join Low Carb Friends, Active Low Carbers or the Atkins forums to discuss your questions and issues in more detail.  :).

PHASE 1 (Induction):  Please note the new INDUCTION RECIPES link on the right side of the page.  Click and browse away!

PHASE  2 (Ongoing Weight Loss, lovingly referred to as OWL):  *

PHASE 3 (Pre-Maintenance):

PHASE 4 (Maintenance):

*  Please note that the Phase 2 OWL foods list states you can have up to 3/4 c. cream during this phase, as it will indeed fit into the “add 5 gram carb” rule that drives this phase.  But you are not encouraged to consume 3/4 c. cream each and every day.  Doing so can stall many people, as lactose is, after all, a form of sugar.

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  1. If you read labels on the packages, the ones that are 100% cream (MOST HAVE ADDED MILK PRODUCTS!), there are NO carbs and NO sodium. If the label says there is 5 mg sodium, that is NOT pure cream.

    • If I’m understanding correctly, I will agree with part of what you are saying, Julie. Many products marketed as cream have added ingredients, dextrose, carageenan and thickeners. But cream, pure and unadulterated, has SOME carbs, by the mere fact that it comes from milk and milk is lactose (another form of sugar). Not 100% of those carbs are lost when the cream rises. Sugar has carbs in all of its forms. So the very purest one can find will not be completely carb free. But as you say, it is of the utmost importance we buy the cream without those nasty added ingredients whenever possible.

  2. I have a question. I am doing LC – OWL iwith Atkins and was given a bunch of purple plums. Do you have any LC recipe ideas for them?

    • Cathy, I’m sorry, I don’t. I just don’t really eat them anymore. I try to stick to berries. I tested those waters, eating a piece of fruit a day during a 60 day Whole30 Paleo challenge (I had reached Pre-Maintenance on Atkins and had been stalled at 170# for 4 years! I gained 10# over that 60 day Paleo challenge. So my conclusion is that I can’t eat plums, peaches, oranges, bananas or the higher carb fruits hardly at all without gaining. I’m sure if you Google “Paleo Plum Recipes” you’ll find lots of recipes that might work for you, but they often use real honey and dates for sweeteners, so you’d have to sub that out with artificial sweetener to bring them down to a carb count you’d consider eating.

    • Thank you so much Vonnie. It’s all about sharing good food so we all can be successful at losing weight and more importantly, maintain that weight loss. Stick around!

  3. Actually I don’t like cream at all and so for me, it is not a problem whether I could have 3/4 of a cup or 4 T. Just interested due to some questions on the Forum.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thank you very much. I am on another Forum and would like to relay this to them. BTW, I am so enjoying your recipes and kudos on all the work you have put into posting them for everyone to enjoy! That is just AWESOME! A lot of work but very much appreciated by this old gal. I will be 70 in June, lose weight like a snail moves and I am following Atkins. I am healthy and have energy but still want 15 pounds gone. SLOW progress indeed,
    Thanks again.

    • Sure thing, Joanne. I did try a search on the Atkins forums to find Colette’s cream discussions, but alas the search engine brought up too many posts to find that one. I peeked in the NANY (latest) Atkins book and could find no restrictions on cream, so if you can handle it, I see no reason why you couldn’t use cream for your 5+ carbs in OWL. She implied just tread lightly there lest you be one of the folks that DON’T manage that much dairy without stalling/gaining. But she’ll be happy to be more specific if you pose any cream concerns to her. Joining their forums (so you can post) is free. And I must say, Colette has been a stabilizing influence for me on the way I go about the plan. She knows the science behind how/why Atkins low-carb works inside out.

    • Well you’d do better to go to the Atkins Community forums and pose a question directly to her, as the search engine on that site will pull up every single thread with the word cream in it. Grrrr They have the lousiest search engine there. I know the discussion was before July 2011 when I left the forums for a 2-year hiatus. Just recently started posting there again. If you put her name in the topic title, she WILL see it and will respond as soon as she can. She’ll be happy to relay her feelings on daily consumption of cream.

  5. Well, technically you are right, Joanne, but Colette Heimowitz, Atkins nutritionist who worked alongside Dr. Atkins for years, doesn’t encourage people to add 3/4 c. cream a day, even under the 5g rule umbrella, when this topic came up on the forums 2 years ago. Instead, she encouraged even in OWL to stick to a 4 T. daily limit with the option to occasionally up that to the higher 5g carb amount in preparing recipes. The lactose in dairy can majorly stall some people if they always use cream for that 5g+ very often. I should perhaps be clearer in my cautionary note. Thanks for the trigger to clarify my note.

  6. Actually… that information is correct. There’s about 6.6 g of carb in one cup of heavy cream. 3/4 cup has 4.95 g carb. That’s within the 5g rule for “The Power of Five”. From that document: “During OWL, you add higher carb foods back into your diet – 5 daily Net Carbs per week. You can move beyond vegetables to other foods, such as nuts, seeds and berries. Although you will be eating primarily natural, unprocessed foods, you will find an increasing number of convenience foods – choices that help even busy people stay on track during weight loss.” In OWL you are allowed 3/4 cup if that’s what you want to add… it’s up to you. In Induction you don’t usually have that many “extra” grams for that much heavy cream once you get all that you’re supposed to get from your veggies. The recommendation is 2-3 TBS heavy cream per day while in Induction. A TBS of cream has a little less than 1/2 g.

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