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I'm a retired teacher that has always enjoyed cooking and collecting recipes. My husband and I live in Central Texas with our little mini rat terrier. I guess I come by my love of cooking rightly. Both my parents loved gourmet cooking and there was NEVER a boring meal around our house! But with two cooks in the kitchen, I could only sit at the table and watch for fear of getting in their way. I learned watching as I didn't get to put my culinary abilities into practice until AFTER I left home. LOL My brother went on to be a chef and ultimately an executive chef in San Francisco before retiring. Cooking seems to be in our blood, so to speak. I have been following the Atkins Nutritional Program (low-carb, moderate protein, high fat) for 4 years now to get some weight off. I'm learning that with few modifications, pretty much any recipe can be made Atkins-friendly. So I have set about doing just that, adding a little here, omitting a little of this or that and making the recipes I've cooked for years allowable on eve this nutritional program.

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