New England Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls

This Induction friendly dish is not one I fix often, but when I have the time, it’s a family favorite. This recipe is Atkins Induction friendly and suitable for Keto diets.


1 lb. lean ground beef

6 oz. chopped yellow onion

4 oz. chopped green pepper

4 oz. chopped red pepper

4 Flax Sandwich  Buns

1/4  tsp. dried oregano

8 oz. tomato sauce

6 large 1 oz. Savoy Cabbage leaves (regular green cabbage is OK, too, and what is pictured above)

Dash salt and pepper

DIRECTIONS:  Plunge cabbage leaves into boiling water for 1-2 minutes, just long enough to make them pliable enough for rolling, but don’t let get too soft or they’ll tear all apart.  Remove, drain and cool on towel.

Brown ground beef, onion and peppers.  Cook until veggies are soft.  Moisten flax buns with water and mush them up into the meat mixture.  Add oregano and a dash of salt and pepper.

Divide meat mixture into 4 portions and fill the four cabbage leaf “bowls” in the center.  First fold the base of the leaf up over the filling.  Then fold the left and right sides inward and over the top.  finally, roll so that the top is rolling over the entire roll.  Secure with a toothpick if you like or just place rolls seam side down in well-greased glass baking dish.  Pour tomato sauce evenly over the rolls.  Cover and bake 45 minutes at 350º, remove cover.  Add couple tablespoons water if the bottom of the pan is drying out.  Bake uncovered another 15 minutes.   Serve with mashed, buttered cauliflower.  This dish freezes well, too.

NOTE: Be sure to remind diners to remove toothpick before eating if used.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 6 servings/rolls, each roll has:

222  calories

14.7 g  fat

9.53  carbs

2.43 g  fiber

7.1 g  NET CARBS

13.9 g  protein

26 mg. sodium


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