Pork Chops with Creamy Cabbage


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My husband isn’t crazy about cooked cabbage, but he actually likes this dish.  The low-carb mushroom soup, onion and bacon tone the cabbage down.  Dishes like this one are a perfect example of why I keep a batch of this “staple” mushroom soup recipe made up at all times in 1 c. portions in my freezer.   I just pop the blocks into the skillet.  Sometimes cream will separate when thawed and you might prefer not to freeze your soup.  I don’t find it’s as problematic as others.  You’l just have to try it one time and see if when thawed and reheated, you don’t like the look of your dishes.  The falvor isn’t harmed one bit by freezing the soup…..just the visual appearance can change. This dish is OK for Induction.

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4 pork chops or 4 slices pork loin (about 5 oz. meat each)

5 thick slices of bacon

4 oz. chopped yellow onion

1½ c. mushroom soup for recipes

20 oz. coarsely chopped green cabbage (1″-2″ chunks)

¼ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. black pepper

VARIATION:   This is excellent made with boneless chicken breasts or other pieces instead of pork.

DIRECTIONS:  Chop bacon into ½” pieces.  Brown in skillet.  Then add the onion and saute until onion begins to soften.  Add cabbage and continue to saute 2 minutes only.   Add mushroom soup and stir to mix all ingredients.  Pour into glass casserole dish greased with bacon grease.  Wipe out skillet with paper towel and rub with dab (really minimal) bacon grease.  Sear meat on both sides and the place chops atop cabbage.  Bake at 350º for 40 minutes.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 4, each serving containing:

553 calories

33.0 g  fat

13.1 g  carbs, 4.18 g  fiber, 9.6 g  NET CARBS

145 mg. sodium

49 g  protein


68 comments on “Pork Chops with Creamy Cabbage

    • I’m not an experienced slow-cooker cook, so I couldn’t recommend setting or time. But I would think it would cook OK if you can find a time/temp indication for cooking cabbage (fast-cook vegetables) with meat from some other slow-cooker recipe book?


    • I’m sorry Carolyn, but I’m only willing to calculate recipes the one time. If I started doing that for everyone who wanted to cook dishes differently, I’d never get off my calculator and meal calculator at Fitday.com. Obviously less than shown. That is a homemade low-carb soup, BTW. What would you use in its stead?


  1. I cooked this recipe for dinner tonight and my husband and I both really enjoyed it. I left out the onions just because i can’t stand them lol I also used preshredded cabbage from the grocery store (timesaver) you know the kind you get for cole slaw


  2. Question – Are you boiling the cabbage to soften first before adding it to bacon and onions, or is it dry and cut small pieces and sauted with what is present?


    • No, it is not pre-boiled, Tony. Just throw it into the saute skillet as the directions state. That will soften or wilt it for you. The baking time will soften it even further. 🙂 I hope you like this dish if you try it. Sure is a good one!


  3. I remember you, Peggy. You used to (or still do) post on the Atkins board. I haven’t been there in years now. I knew the name was familiar, but seeing your photo brought it all back. 🙂 You’re obviously doing well. 🙂


    • Welcome to you! Yes, I did post there as far back as 2009. Left some time later and only post occasionally there now. I’m not remembering the SB moniker. Did you go by a different name on the Atkins boards?


      • Yes, though I don’t recall which one I had then. I originally joined under one name but rejoined under another. I haven’t been there in years now. I’m sharing your recipes and page with some other LC friends who are also former Atkins site members. One already commented that you always had good recipes to share ;).

        I’ll be trying a few others you’ve posted.


        • WONDERFUL! I’m still hopelessly addicted to cooking and creating new tastes in the kitchen, only occasionally interrupted by my back issues from time to time.


  4. I’m so glad I found this recipe
    for cream of mushroom soup. I make several dishes using cream of mushroom soup. One is what my Mom always called “cubed steak”. It can be made in either a crock pot or in the oven. Its round steak cut up in 2-3 in. chunks. Add cream of mushroom soup to generously cover the meat and let it go on low pretty much all day. My Mom always seared hers but I never do. It makes a great gravy as it cooks. You can also use pork chops in this same manner. With mashed cauliflower it would pair well. Can’t wait to try this!


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