Judy’s Parmesan Baked Yellow Squash

Baked Parmesan Squash

Judy’s Parmesan Baked Squash

I just love yellow summer squash (the soft-skinned crookneck variety) and have cooked it a ton of different ways over the years.  But honestly, this recipe is by far the best way I’ve ever eaten it.   This is a recipe of a friend I used to work with years ago.  Parmesan is not usually the cheese people put on yellow squash dishes, but I’m here to tell ya it is an OUTSTANDING combination added with the sweet caramelized onions.  I just use the Parmesan in the green canister we all are familiar with, as a rule, for this dish.  But you can use whole, grated Parmesan if you prefer. OK for Induction.

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6 yellow summer squash (medium, about 6″ long)

6 oz. yellow onion

1 Flax Sandwich Bun, crumbled (or other low-carb biscuit or bread)

1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese

Dash of Salt and Pepper

3 T. butter


Slice onion into thin slivers and saute in butter in no-stick skillet.  Cook until they begin to brown, as the caramelizing is essential to the flavor of this dish.  Turn off heat and let them cool.

Now grease a 9×13 glass casserole pan with butter.  Slice the squash laterally/lengthwise into 1/4″ slices (or thinner if you want to speed this dish up a bit).  This goes together in lasagna-type layers.  First sprinkle 1-2 T.of the flax bun crumbs on the bottom of the pan.  These will soak up moisture that bleeds out of the squash during cooking.  Now place a single layer of squash slices in the pan.  Jimmie them around, switching ends of slices so the pan is pretty much filled without gaps.  Top with 1/4 of the browned onions.  Next sprinkle 1-2 T. Parmesan cheese.  Repeat these steps until all ingredients are used, ending with onion on top.   Cover pan tightly with foil and bake 30-40 minutes at 350 º.  Uncover, add 2-3 T. water if there is no moisture left in the bottom of the pan.  Bake another 20-30 minutes (uncovered) or until squash feels tender when knife is stuck into it and onions on the top are toasty brown.  Toast top in broiler if need be.  You want the top layer of onion to be attractively toasted. This dish is a big hit every time I make it and it goes nicely with your holiday turkey dinners.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 6 servings, each containing:

150 calories

10.35 g  fat

9.88 g  carbs, 3.0 g  fiber, 6.88 NET CARBS

7.2 g  protein

26 g sodium


22 comments on “Judy’s Parmesan Baked Yellow Squash

    • Yes, salting will draw out moisture for either squash. Either squash works in this recipe, but I don’t find their flavors to be all that similar. I find the yellow to have MORE flavor and find zucchini almost tasteless by itself. But I do find zucchini is more enhanced with spices and recipe additives than the yellow. Go figure. LOL


  1. Is there a way to make it without the low carb bun? Don’t know where to find those and nearly 7 carbs is a lot for us. Looks yummy!


  2. Dear Ms Peggy. I tried this almost as soon as I saw the recipe! it was totally awesome! I am from the wondeful state of Kentucky. Growing up on a farm, the family garden was a main staple for food.. I took so much for granted then, but now that i am a lot older I have taken up cooking like a nightcrawer to a hook! There is nothing I will not try! I can wait to write my own Cookbook, I want to share these country secrets with all!


    • I’m glad you reacted to this recipe the way we did, Bob. It is so simple yet so good! Both my parents were raised in big families on farms that gardened, so I was raised on lots of good fresh vegetables, too. Beets are the only veggie I don’t like 🙂 When I was growing up, there were many I didn’t like, but we always “had to taste” before we judged. I think my parents taught me well on the veggie front. Now I just love them. I, like you, have so many good recipes I wanted to share them and started my blog 5 years ago. But I didn’t want to get into cookbook writing. A lot of work; a lot of expense, a lot of time involved. So I just operate my recipe blog at my own pace and share the occasional recipe or two with Jennifer Eloff to put into her cookbooks and post recipes on her website as a personal favor to her. Good luck if you decide to do a cookbook, Bob! I’m sure it can be very rewarding.


      • Well, it’ll be totally different in flavor, but it should work OK as long as you slice, salt and lay the slices of squash on paper towels to bleed off the excess water that’s in zucchini, else it might cook up “soupy”. Hope you like this, Anna!


  3. When you say “yellow squash” are you referring to yellow summer squash, or some winter squash, many of which have yellow flesh?


    • Oh, I mean summer, soft-skinned, crookneck-type squash. I’d specify winter squash if that was what I meant. 🙂 At least I try to always make that distinction. Happy to clarify that for you, Maryanne.


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