Almond Pound Cake

Almond Cake
Almond Cake

I came up with this tasty almond cake today! I was out of almond flour so had to grind my own almonds….that’s why the pic shows dark flecks in the batter.  The color will be much lighter using commercial almond flour.  Hubby gave it a thumbs up and he’s my toughest lo-carb critic.  It’s available at most health food stores and various places on-line.  Not acceptable until OWL.  This makes a wonderful banana, orange or lemon cake, by using those extracts instead of vanilla.  Add a little zest in addition to extract if making a lemon or orange version, for even better flavor.  Once you get to the fruits rung of OWL, ½ ripe banana mashed and added to this batter makes a lovely banana cake to which you can add a banana cream cheese frosting.  🙂  Store leftover cake in the refrigerator.  I discovered,  like many low-carb baked goods, this one does not keep well on the counter.  So be sure you store it in the refrigerator.

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½ c. CarbQuick Bake Mix (or Jennifer Eloff’s Gluten Free Bake Mix for a gluten-free version)

1 c. almond flour

2 T. oat fiber (or 2 T. certified 100% gluten-free oat flour for a gluten-free)

1 tsp. baking powder

1 c. granular Splenda

5 eggs

1 stick butter

4 oz. cream cheese

2 tsp. vanilla

DIRECTIONS:  Bring eggs, butter and cream cheese to room temperature.  Beat them with electric mixer until smooth.  Add vanilla.  Add remaining ingredients and stir well with spoon.  Pour into greased deep round cake pan.  Bake at 350º for 45 minutes.  Toothpick test at center to be sure it’s done.  Cool and  serve.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 10, each serving contains:

176.6 calories

15.9 g  fat

5.8 g  carbs, 3.7 g  fiber,2.1 NET CARBS

7.3 g  protein

145 mg. sodium

13 thoughts on “Almond Pound Cake

    1. Google “chia eggs” or “egg substitutes”. There are several things possible, but I rarely use them. Don’t remember the chia formula with water, but I have used that one and it works.

    1. It’s my understanding the oat fiber itself has no gluten, but it is not certified gluten-free as it is often milled in plants where gluten-containing flours are prepared. I buy mine in 4# bags at; you can get 1# bags from If you are Celiac or have to have gluten-free, I recommend grinding rolled oats in your processor/blender as fine as possible and using that as a substitute.

  1. Anita

    You mention lecithin in you comments but not in the ingredient list. If I used it, how much would I use? Also do you think I could use ricotta instead of cream cheese?

    1. When I created this cake I was still using lecithin (a soy product). But I’m trying to eliminate soy from my diet now for health reasons. I have since replaced lecithin in the few recipes on my blog that called for it with oat fiber some time back. I apparently failed to delete the remark about lecithin in the recipe narrative and have just gone in and deleted the lecithin comment. I had not yet discovered oat fiber and have learned it is a much better product for enhancing baked goods. If you have lecithin granules and would like to try it, I used 2 T. in this recipe originally.

    1. Grind rolled oats as fine as you can get them, Erika. Carb count will go slightly up, but not much “per serving”. Glucomannan powder (I use about 1/3 as much of glucomannan in volume) is another possible substitute for oat fiber.

  2. jennywren

    I’ve been exploring your site…it’s wonderful!! Have a whole bunch of your
    recipes in mind for trying in the near future. This almond cake is probably
    slated to be first, since that was what I was originally looking for. What I’m
    wanting to know is where did you find such a beautiful pan? I’m kind of a
    cake-pan junkie, and have quite a few…but THIS is really gorgeous and I’d
    SO like to get one. .Thanks for all your creativity ahead of time…Jenn

    1. Welcome to the site, Jenny! I think you’ll like the almond cake. This one was baked in a sunflower latex pan I found at my local Tuessday Morning one day. It’s smaller, less shallow (8″ in diameter, 3″ deep) than the Nordic/Bundt version of the sunflower pans. But most low-carb cake recipes cook up smaller than traditional sugar cakes IMO, so this pan works out nicely for them. And the cakes just pop right out of it so easily. Happy baking and happy recipe exploring to you!

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