Tipsy Shrimp

Tipsy Shrimp

Tipsy Shrimp

Clearly, with the wine in this dish, it is not acceptable for Induction.   Those who have reached Atkins Phase 2 OWL, however, can enjoy this one with no guilty conscience as you will only be getting 1.33 T. wine per serving.  If still on Induction, leave out the wine entirely.  I wanted something creamy with my shrimp tonight and just started throwing things into the pan.  Came out quite nice.

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1 lb. raw shrimp (about 13 oz. when peeled and cleaned)

4 T. unsalted butter

1 oz. chopped shallots (yellow onion if you don’t have shallots)

Pinch garlic powder

¼ c. chopped parsley

¼ c. white wine

6 medium mushrooms, sliced

¼ tsp. salt

½ c. heavy cream

Dash black pepper

1 T. tomato paste

1 lb. zucchini, cut into long, thin strips (2 medium squash)

DIRECTIONS:  Peel shrimp and set aside.  Boil zucchini “noodles” in water to “al dente” stage (about 5 min).  CAREFUL NOT TO OVERCOOK!  While they are boiling prepare sauce.  First, melt butter in non-stick pan over medium-high heat.  Add chopped onion and saute until  tender and caramelized.  Add garlic powder, black pepper and parsley.  Being sure shrimp is well-drained of all liquid, now put shrimp into skillet and stir as it begins to cook.  When shrimp has curled and is opaque it is done.  Add wine and simmer 3-4 minutes.  Reduce heat to lowest setting and add cream.  Slightly thicken with several light dustings of either xanthan gum or guar gum, stirring constantly between each addition.   Stir entire mixture well one last time and then turn off burner and drain zucchini “noodles”.  When serving dip shrimp mixture over the noodles.  This is nice with a green salad.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 3, each serving contains:

460 calories

32.5 g  fat

11.8 g  carbs, 2.93 g  fiber,8.87 NET CARBS

28.4 g  protein

408 mg sodium


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