Walnut Cookies

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I came up with these tinkering around with another cookie recipe and I really like this one.  I love walnuts in ANYTHING!  You could substitute pecans if you prefer.  A bit of unsweetened coconut would be a nice additions to these if you’re of  a mind.  A few raisins (if in maintenance) would probably also be good in these.  You need to wait until OWL to enjoy these.


½ stick butter, unsalted (2 oz)

½ c. Splenda, granular

2 eggs

1 c. almond flour

4 T. lecithin granules (or 2 T. oat fiber if you prefer)

½ c. walnuts, chopped

½ tsp. vanilla


Soften butter and add Splenda.  Beat and add eggs.  Add lasts 4 ingredients and stir well to blend.  Drop by fairly full teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets at 350º for 10-12 minutes, until lightly browned.  Lecithin will at first cause oil bubbles on surface of baked goods but this will disappear as they cool.  After cooling, remove from sheets and store in covered container.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 32 cookies (1½”) each containing:

56 calories

5.28 g  fat

1.47 g  carbs

.6 g  fiber


1.44 g  protein

15.9 mg. sodium


8 thoughts on “Walnut Cookies

  1. I just made some cranberry walnut cookies from another website.(won’t mention) that included almond flour and whey protein. They came out tasting very dry. Can I add cranberries to this recipe? If so, how many would you suggest?

    1. I think they would be DELICIOUS in these cookies, Donna! I would think about 3/4 c. coarsely chopped berries would be enough. If that looks like too few, you can always add a bit more before baking. Let me know how those come out. This cookie isn’t dry at all, so I think you will be pleased with the result.

      1. Just finished baking your recipe. they are delish and not at all dry. I’m not real fan of using all Splenda and usually mix it with xylitol. But I was out of xylitol due to the disaster of the other recipe. These are very good. I only got 21 cookies so the carb count is higher, but well worth the effort. I tossed the other ‘cookies’ out the front door last night and this morning they aree gone. Must have fed the coyotes… hope they didn’t choke!! Thank you again for another recipe that works.

        1. The Currant-Spice Cookie recipe I just posted this week is another really good one for the holidays if you like gingerbread. And you can always add cranberries and nuts to those, too! So glad you liked your final result on these!

        2. I noticed the new post. I ordered the glucomannan powder, but for got the oat fiber. In one of the other cookies I noticed the fiber was optional. Is that the case in the Currant-Spice? I’m in a baking mood. Thanks

        3. Well, it always improves texture, which is why I use it in my baked goods, but isn’t absolutely necessary for the cookies to cook right or to be tasty. 🙂

  2. I made these yesterday, and they were delicious, despite the fact that I used xylitol, since I cannot do Splenda. Can you tell me why you add in the lecithin granules?

    It’s nice to find a cookie recipe that does not contain chocolate.

    1. Bitsy, you can omit the (soy) lecithin granules in any of my recipes. It is a batter enhancer. It tends to make for a smoother batter, and fewer holes in the final baked product. It facilitates emulsifying the fat/cocoa in chocolate applications. It also extends shelf life of baked goods after cooking. But it is not an essential ingredient for the proper cooking of the item. So don’t run out and buy this ingredient if you don’t already have it. 🙂

      In my earliest low-carb experimentation days (this is one of my earliest LC recipes), I was experimenting with soy lecithin quite a bit. I learned from a Weight Watchers instructor it would add volume and improve texture for baked goods. Particularly useful in cakes. But I don’t find it does that much and have since stopped using it. Many avoid soy for other health reasons.

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