Blackberry Balsamic Meat Glaze

I came up with this to glaze a roasted duck for Christmas.  It was truly outstanding!  I’m sure this would also be be good on baked chicken, roast pork or lamb.  Not suitable for Induction because of wine and berries.


1 c. blackberries

3 tsp. granular Splenda

¼ c. balsamic vinegar

3 oz. red wine

½ c. beef or pork gravy

1 tsp. fresh rosemary, chopped very fine

2 T. shallots, chopped fine


Over low heat, simmer the blackberries, shallots, wine, Splenda and vinegar until berries can be mashed up with a fork.  Add gravy and rosemary simmer about 10 minutes longer.  Bake/roast your choice of meat (whole duck, whole chicken, lamb or pork roast) and brush glaze on meat several times the last hour of cooking.  Any remaining glaze/sauce can be served at table provided you simmer a few minutes to fully cook any raw meat juice that may have contaminated it.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes about two cups or eight ¼ c. servings, each containing:

34.38 calories

.44 g  fat

4.69 g  carbs

1.00 g  fiber

3.69 g  NET CARBS

.91 g  protein

85 mg. sodium


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