Oopsie “French Toast”

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I was always very fond of traditional French Toast, browned nice and crisp, with syrup on top.  I missed that after starting Atkins, until it occurred to me how I might be able to “have my French toast and eat it, too!”  It was after the very first time I made the wonderful IMPROVED REVOLUTION ROLLS I’ve seen on various websites that I got this idea.  These rolls are most commonly used as sandwich/hamburger buns.  But it occurred to me one day that since they are so eggy, why not use them for breakfast foods.  EUREKA!  It came to me to use them for Induction friendly French Toast!


1 recipe of Improved Revo Rolls:  http://genaw.com/lowcarb/improved_revolution_rolls.html

12 T. Cary’s Sugar-Free Mable Syrup per serving


Cook a batch and let them completely cool on the baking sheet.  I find these rolls waaay to spongy when hot.  Once they are cool enough to be handled with your bare hands, gently lift them off the pan with a spatula and toast lightly.  This will crisp them up nicely.  Plate them and drizzle melted butter and/or Cary’s sugar-free syrup over them.  Mmmmmm is all I can say.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 6 rolls, each roll with 2T. syrup contains:  (I find it takes 2 to fill me up)

103 calories

7.0 g  fat

1.0 g  carbs, 0.5 g  fiber, 0.5 NET CARBS

5.0 g  protein

62 mg. sodium


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