Kashmiri Mushrooms (Hedar)

Kashmiri Mushrooms We love Indian food and they often have a mushroom curry on the buffet table at our favorite Indian restaurants.  This is a recipe I’ve been cooking for some time now.  In its original form, it appears in Neerja Matoo’s cookbook  Kashmiri Cooking. I’ve made quite a few changes and this is how I prepare this dish.  This is great with charcoal-grilled beef, lamb, chicken or your favorite curry recipe.  This recipe is Atkins Induction friendly and suitable for Keto diets as well.

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INGREDIENTS: 2 c. mushrooms, wiped and halved (leave whole if small ones)

2 T. butter, unsalted

2 oz. slivered yellow onion

2 cloves minced garlic

¼ tsp. cayenne pepper

Pinch black pepper

Pinch turmeric

½ tsp. my Garam Masala spice blend

Pinch Sharwood’s red-label Tandoori Spice (or regular mild curry powder if you can’t get this)

2 T. chopped fresh cilantro

¼ c. heavy cream

¼ c. chicken or beef broth/bouillon (preferably homemade)

DIRECTIONS: Wipe mushrooms clean.  Halve them if large, otherwise leave whole.  Set aside.  Meanwhile, melt butter in non-stick skillet.  Add onion, garlic and spices and cook over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.  Add mushrooms and continue stirring/cooking until mushrooms are done (about 5 more minutes).  Lower heat, add bouillon and cream.   Simmer on lowest heat possible to slightly thicken.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 4, each serving contains:  (this only serves 2 for hubby and I, we love it so!) 119 calories 11.5 g  fat 3.45 g  carbs, .7 g  fiber, 2.75 g  NET CARBS 1.88 Protein 33.6 mg. sodium


16 thoughts on “Kashmiri Mushrooms (Hedar)

      1. Where I live, they call that “broth” or “stock”, buillon is powdered concentrate you buy in the store. Good thing I asked, drastically different things!

      2. Don’t know where you are, but in the States, we call that “bouillon cubes” or “bouillon granules” or “bouillon concentrate). One doesn’t make that at home. Wouldn’t even know how to begin. Broth and bouillon are synonyms. In fact, the Campbells soup folks used to make a very concentrated Beef Bouillon they canned and marketed for making French Onion Soup, but it was pretty concentrated and I never thought much good for other stuff. I haven’t seen it on the Campbells’ shelf in years however.

  1. This sounds absolutely fabulous and I can’t wait to try it. I really like the Garam Masala spice blend recipe you included. I think I can find the spices individually and can now make my own as Garam Masala is not available around here….

    1. I’ve tried a number of different recipes and the one I developed myself is the best. But I admit I’m prejudiced. 😉 BE GLAD it isn’t available in your area, because all the commercial blends I’ve bought were mediocre to downright awful in my opinion. You’re going to love the Garam recipe! Nice thing is if after one batch, you find you like less or more of one of the spices, you can reduce or increase it in your next batch. That’s how I developed this one and finally got it just right. HOPE YOU LIKE THE MUSHROOM DISH!

    1. You’ll love this one, Patty. That’s cool you’re growing your own mushrooms!! Man, I’m lucky if I can keep mint, parsley, rosemary and basil alive throughout our dreadfully hot summers. 🙂 We’re climbing back up to 104º again today here in Central Texas, after our brief respite in the 90’s.

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