Oven-Fried Fish

Oven-Fried Fish

I hate standing over a pan of hot, popping grease to do traditional deep frying.  But I do love me some fried fish.  It’s a Southern tradition, fish fries. Wish my husband were as fond of fried fish as I am.  😦

Unlike every coating I’ve tried doing with flax meal, this recipe really came out crisp!  Even the bottoms of the filets were crispy and browned nicely!   This coating also works well with cut-up chicken.  Best of all, this recipe is Atkins Induction friendly!

Though I mention tilapia and swai below, any mild fish will do for this recipe.   If you don’t want to make up the homemade mayo for this, I have, in a hurry, just used sour cream to coat the fish and this cooks up just as well with sour cream! 🙂  Though I have not tried it yet, it has been reported by my blog readers that this fish, when leftover, reheats nicely in the microwave and STILL STAYS CRUNCHY!   It of course, will reheat just fine in the oven, too.  To be quite honest, I never have any leftover to test that out.  We just LOVE fish done this way, and my husband even enjoys this one!  🙂


30 oz. tilapia or swai filets (six filets about 5 oz. each)

6 T. homemade mayo

3 oz. crushed plain pork rinds

½ tsp.  Seafood Spice Blend

1 T. olive oil

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 450º.  Rub a metal baking sheet (preferably non-stick) with olive oil.  DO NOT USE A GLASS/CERAMIC PAN OR SILICONE PAN LINER OR THESE WILL NOT BROWN PROPERLY.  Been there; done that.  Trust me on this one, use a metal pan.

Crush pork rinds and place in shallow bowl.  Add spice blend and stir well.  If you like things real spicy, you might want to increase the spice blend a bit or add more cayenne.  Most important step here:  Pat surfaces of fish dry with a paper towel. Then brush each fish filet on both sides with a tablespoon of mayonnaise.   You want to be sure not to miss any spots.  There doesn’t have to be a LOT of mayo, but the entire surface must be moistened with it for the coating to adhere.  If you substitute a commercial mayo, you will have more difficulty getting good coverage, as it is so thick.

Holding the filets up (one at a time) by the tips, between your index finger and thumb in one hand, and with your other hand, spoon the coating over each filet on both sides to coat well. I find if you just dip them into a plate full of the coating, the first two get coated nicely and you run out of coating before all are coated!  That’s ever so annoying!  When all are coated, lay each filet onto your oiled pan.   Place in hot 450º oven and bake for about 20 minutes total or until done and crispy on top.   There’s actually no need to turn the filets over during cooking as the bottoms get even browner than the tops!  For more even browning, you could turn them at the 10 minute mark if you wish.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 6 servings, each contains:

364 cals, 22.9 g  fat, 0.43 g  carbs, 0 g  fiber, 0.43 g  NET CARBS, 41.4 g  protein, 338 mg. sodium


67 thoughts on “Oven-Fried Fish

  1. I could not make the Mayonnaise in your recipe so I dried the fish with paper towels, then used my oil spritzer and spritzed peanut oil on the fish. Rubbed it in with the back of a spoon all over the fish. Then I layed with the fish laid on a plate I took a spoon and spooned the crushed pork rinds on the fish front and back. It stuck perfectly. The fish was super awesome, nice and crunchy!!! Just thought I would give an alternative that worked in case someone else could not make the mayonnaise.

  2. I love this recipe. Have tried it a couple times now. Tonight I’m going to include shrimp. Will also use onion and see how onion rings turn out! 😉

    1. glad you like this coating, Karen. just a cautionary note. I didn’t have much luck with it on shrimp. Was kind of soggy. I think I forgot to blot the shrimp dry before coating. Anyway, you might just try one or 2 first and see if it works OK, being sure to blot the shrimp totally dry first. Works GREAT on onion rings! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. I’m delighted you liked it, Bernadette. Frankly, I haven’t tried it on anything it wasn’t perfect on, like veggies (okra and summer squash slices), pounded round steak (what we call chicken-fried steak in Texas) and even shrimp. It’s a wonderful topping. Explore away with it! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family.

    1. Ii honestly don’t know if the coating will be crispy or not doing that since I always use the homemade mayo. You can try and see what happens.

    1. I’m not a fan of mustard, so I can’t answer that question. But mustard is a creamy, water-based condiment, whereas mayo is and egg-oil based one, making a more complete seal on the fish. You don’t want water to soggy up the crumb mixture. So I don’t think mustard will work. Try beaten egg alone instead, as it will seal up the fish better and not bleed any moisture whatsoever and cause the crumbs to get soggy.

    2. We use mustard all the time for cooking fish. Once it is cooked you cannot tell. It holds the coating and cooks crispy just like mayo. It will also reduce the fat content in the dish.

      1. Mustard has a definite water content that may “soggy up” the coating, Amanda. Don’t know really. You’d just have to try it. I don’t do mustard myself. It’s the one and only food I truly detest.

    1. Don’t see why it wouldn’t. Whatever fish you use, be sure to pat it dry with paper towels to get any water/moisture off the surfaces.

  3. Barbara Jackson….. January 7, 2015 This revipe is awesome….I made this for dinner tonight…. My husband is NOT a fish eater…. Except Tuna fish…. And NEITHER of us had EVER eaten Pork rinds…… But this was AWESOME….. Imade roasted veggies to go with it….. My dinner was WONDERFUL…. Thank you sooooooo much……

    1. Oh, I’m just delighted, Barbara. So many men don’t like fish, my husband included. But this recipe seems to work for folks like that. That mayo/seasoned rinds coating works on all kinds of oven-fried vegetables. Just type oven-fried in the search box at the top of the page to see them all (the ones I’ve tried so far, anyway).

    1. No. I don’t do commercial mayo at all. In fact it’s precisely the water that’s in all commercial mayo that I think I don’t like the taste of. I have thinned it wit olive oil for salad dressings and for things I want it thinner.

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