Jicama “Apple” Crisp


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This creation really tastes like classic apple crisp to me.  The pork rinds surprised me, as they didn’t taste like pork rinds at all!  But the brand I used “Mac’s”, that I found at my local Dollar Store, was really mild.  The next time I baked this I used Baken-ets brand and the crumb topping that time had a hint of pork rinds.  So you might want to increase the cinnamon a bit if your brand has a strong smell of pork rinds.  The Mac’s brand had almost no odor or strong taste at all.    I noticed that right away when I ate some right out of the bag.  I’m going to try to get some more of those if I can.  Another mild brand good for this is Turkey Creek Snacks.  You could even add some chopped pecans to the topping if you’re on the nuts rung of OWL.


16 oz. jicama, peeled and grated or sliced thin (I prefer grated)

4 T. butter, unsalted

¼ c. Splenda, granular

1 tsp. cinnamon

Dash nutmeg

2 oz. plain pork rinds, crushed fine in blender or processor

1 capful maple extract + ¼ c. water

Sprinkle of xanthan gum


Melt butter in  glass baking dish.  Peel and slice jicama (not too thick or it won’t get tender enough) and toss in butter to coat.  Mix maple extract into ¼ c. water, add nutmeg and xanthan gum, stir and pour mixture over jicama.  Mix well.    In clean bowl, mix crushed pork rinds, Splenda and cinnamon, stirring swell.  Sprinkle topping over jicama.  Bake at 350º for 20 minutes (longer if jicama in thicker slices).

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 5 servings, each containing:

186 calories

12.9 g  fat

10 g  carbs

4.7 g  fiber

5.3 g  NET CARBS

7.8 g  protein

214 mg sodium


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