4 thoughts on “Beef Chile Relleno Casserole

  1. Joy Davis

    my doctor gave me the Dr Atkins book. I read it and it has been very helpful to me. BUT! I can not have rice or beans (except green or wax), I can not have any kind of flour or potato things and I have to stay away from many vegetables and fruits because of their carb contents. My husband does not have this problem and it is hard to find the kinds of foods that we can or will both eat. I hate most fish. I am interested in what you have to offer me.

    1. You just have to find a system that works. Eat plan food 3 x daily/ Then fix an extra dish of non-plan food for him (and any children) if they have no weight to lose. The basic plan foods are normal meats, seafood, poultry, veggies and dairy. Nothing unusual about any of that. Just fix some rice, potato, beans (if appropriate) on the side for hubs and the kids. That’s what most people do.

  2. Ian Wilson

    Please check your nutritional information. 686 grams of sodium is more than a pound and a half. That seems a bit salty, to me.

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