Poppy Seed Cheese Biscuits


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This is an adaptation of a recipe by Bruce Fife.  So far my husband hasn’t liked anything made with coconut flour, until I made these today.  We both liked this recipe after a bit of tweaking.   One of these biscuits provides 38% RDA of Vitamin B12 and 31% RDA Vitamin A!  To lower the carbs a bit, you could reduce the amount of cheese in these and recalculate the nutritional info to reflect that change.  The coconut flour makes these not suitable for Induction.


¼ c. melted, unsalted butter

1/3 c. coconut flour

4 beaten eggs

pinch salt

1 tsp. poppy seeds

1/2 tsp. baking powder

3/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Mixture will seem a bit wet at first, but let it set a few minutes and it will thicken up.  Spoon up 9 biscuits onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.    Bake at 400º for 15 minutes.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 9 biscuits, each contains:

142 calories

11.2 g  fat

4.86 g  carbs, 2.60 g  fiber, 2.26 NET CARBS

6.08  protein

191 mg. sodium

4 thoughts on “Poppy Seed Cheese Biscuits

  1. karla

    hi, thanks for explaining that cheese carb thing above.. just started doing low carb and was wondering how cheese had “no” carbs when milk does. thanks for the heads up on how to watch for hidden carbs. and will definitely try your biscuits

  2. Linda

    I’m curious. You mention to lower the carbs to reduce the cheese. My cheese has no carbs. Are u perhaps using pre- shredded cheese or am I missing something??

    1. All cheeses have carbs as they are made with milk which has lactose, a form of sugar. They are allowed to round down to 0 foods that have less than .5 carbs. But if you are on a very limited daily carb number like 20, those fractions add up if you eat 4-5 oz. of cheese a day. Each oz. would have perhaps up to .4 carbs. So in blindly eating 5 oz., you would have consumed 2 carbs in cheese that was labeled 0 carbs. For foods that are .5-.9 carbs, they are allowed to label it <1 carb, but you must assume each serving has between .5 and .9 carbs or those on the early end of the diet sticking to 20 carbs per day can go over their 20 real easily and never know they even went over their limit. Hope this explanation makes sense. Many don't realize about food labeling practices and there can be a lot of carbs if you over indulge in a so-called 0 carb food that istn't really 0 carb.

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