Rosewater Green Tea


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I was straightening out my baking goods cupboard yesterday and came across my coveted bottle of Middle Eastern rosewater.  Then I had fond memories of the Iranian Gaz hard taffy candy from Isfahan.  I couldn’t get enough of it when we lived there in my youth. I wondered if I’d ever be able to make this doing Atkins.  The Gaz candy is shipped by one supplier in Isfahan that I came across on the net, but any attempts I’ve made at cooking it has fallen way short of my remembrances.  The reason, is a key ingredient, the sap of the desert angiben plant is not available here.  😦 Sigh. So I have to sublimate with other hints of this memory! Maybe a creamy rosewater pudding one day?

I continued straightening and also shuffled my box of green tea.  BINGO! I came upon the idea to put a few drops of rosewater in my green tea, which I’m getting quite fond of these days.  Wowza! is all I can say.  Almost as good as the Gaz candy, and virtually calorie free!  The flavor really brought back memories.


1 c. of your favorite green tea (I use both Salado bag and Boulder Blues Gourmet Green Looseleaf)

3 drops rosewater (available at Middle Eastern grocery stores and import grocers)

Sweetener of your choice (I use 2 drops liquid Splenda)


NUTRITIONAL INFO: Each cup of tea has 2 calories and .5 carbs, as the rosewater has no nutritive value.  The sweetener I use adds no carbs.


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