Peggy’s Sandwich Buns

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Oopsie Sandwich Buns

I was determined to come up with a good hamburger bun.  I began with the low-carb Revolution Roll recipe and modified it a bit to come up with these.  Texture on these is much more like real hamburger buns (less eggy than original Revo Rolls; didn’t fall  apart while eating).  They rise beautifully in the oven, then fall a bit when cooled, but hey……it’s egg whites, folks.  Ya gotta expect that.  But they still had a uniform 1/2″  inch thickness even after falling, making two of them just perfect for hamburger buns.  This recipes is OK for Induction, too!  My addition of flax meal really makes them very filling, as well!

I was in cruise control, having made Revo Rolls so many times, and reflexively formed 6 rolls onto one pan without thinking.  The added ingredients increased the quantity of batter by enough to make two more rolls next time.  As the buns I made were indeed too large for my rather large 5.25 oz. meat patties  I had to pinch off a bit around the edges.  So I think it best to do 8 rolls from this amount of batter in future.   Nutritional info reflects this.  I use two of these to make a whole bun as these are too thin to slice in my opinion.  So this recipe will makes just 4 whole burger buns.  Store leftovers in the fridge, where they easily keep a week.  Toasted lightly these are nice for tuna sandwiches or mock “French Toast” with sugar-free maple syrup on top.  I’ve even broken them up into Chicken and Dumpling broth and they hold up nicely as dumplings.


4 large eggs, separated

1/8 tsp. cream of tartar

2 drops liquid Splenda (or ¼ packet)

3 oz. cream cheese, softened

¼ c. golden flax meal


Preheat oven to 300º.  Having the eggs at room temperature will slightly increase egg white volume for this recipe, but it’s not absolutely necessary. What is absolutely essential when beating egg whites is that no speck of yolk contaminate them. This contamination issue goes even further, in that there must be no speck of contamination in/on the bowl you beat them in either. The slightest speck of something transferring from your fingers/hands to that bowl, or a bowl that wasn’t washed and dried properly will stop the whites from whipping. Learned that way back in home economics over 40 years ago and have personally experienced whites not whipping a couple times in my life and suspected a speck of something in/on the bowl killed the action. Sadly, you just have to start over with fresh, clean bowl and whites when that happens.   Another note:  be sure you’ve added the other ingredients to the yolks before attempting to fold in the whites. I’ve learned over my many years of cooking, that beaten egg whites fold into a thicker mixture better than into thinner one.  🙂

Now to begin:  Separate the eggs, whites into one bowl, yolks into another, being very careful to not get any yolk in the whites bowl.

Let’s start out with the egg whites bowl first. Add cream of tartar to egg whites and with an electric mixer and perfectly clean and dry beaters, whip the egg whites until VERY stiff.  Many say they can’t get these the Revo Rolls recipe to come out right, saying they spread all over the pan.  If you don’t beat the egg whites until they form a totally erect peak (tip of peak does NOT fall over when you lift the beater out of the bowl and they are starting to appear almost dry on the surface), they’re not stiff enough yet! 🙂  If beaten to the proper stage, you do NOT need to use muffin top pans to cook these.  I don’t even own those pans and have NEVER had problems with my batter being thin and spreading out. I just plop the batter onto greased non-stick sheets.  I have to manually spread it out with a spatula to achieve the desired diameter buns!  Again, if you don’t beat the whites long enough, you WILL have “running” thin batter and cooking issues.  Set bowl aside for a minute or so.

Now move to the egg yolk bowl.  Add in the softened cream cheese, liquid Splenda and flax meal and beat with the mixer until smooth.  Let it sit 1 munute for the flax to thicken up a bit.

Next scrape the stiff egg whites on top of the egg yolk mixture and with a rubber spatula, gently fold the two together until well blended and there are no clumps of egg white. Try not to overwork the batter, which could deflate the egg whites.  Be sure to get your rubber spatula all the way to the bottom of the bowl as you fold yolk mixture upwards and over the egg whites to incorporate the two into a smooth batter.  Using a 1/3 cup measuring cup, dip the batter onto non-stick (or greased) baking pans into 8 equal mounds.  You can line pans with parchment if you prefer.  Gently shape into circles with back of cup or spatula until level.    Bake at 300º for 25 minutes.  Then raise heat to 350º and bake 4-5 more minutes until they are as brown as you like your buns.  Partially cool on pans before trying to remove.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 8 pieces, each piece contains (takes two pieces to make a whole bun):

92 calories

7.68 g  fat

1.52 g  carbs, .97 g  fiber, .55 g  NET CARBS

4.60 g  protein

66 mg. sodium

63 thoughts on “Peggy’s Sandwich Buns

  1. Antoinette

    I made these last night. They turned out beautiful and will be a staple for sure. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes.

    1. I do have to confess they’re not the best buns stored, Kim, so I try to not make a lot at one time. After all, they are predominantly egg white. But I store any that are leftover in the refrigerator in a ziploc gallon bag. As they get kinda sticky leftover, I have to lightly warm/toast them when used day 2 or 3. BTW they make lovely low-carb French Toast with maple syrup, so that’s how I tend to use the leftovers. My other bread and bun recipes store much better than this particular bread, to be quite frank. This one in particular stores well:

  2. ERUM

    Buttoni You are a STAR !!!I followed the receipe as it is.It was delicious and awsome.No flaxy taste honestly.I loved those.I tried some with vanilla whey protein as well and they were too good as well.I ‘ll be following your recepies for sure 🙂 Thanks !!!

  3. erum

    hi bttoni, i m new to low carb seems wonderful.I have tries flax bread before but i cant bear flax taste.Is this more flaxy in taste? is it so than Can i substitute flax with almonf flour? Can i substitute cream cheese with double cream?
    I can’t wait to make them!

    1. None of my bread recipes have a strong “flaxy” taste as I can’t bear that grassy taste either. So why don’t you make it at least one time by the recipe and find out if you don’t agree, these don’t taste flaxy. As to your substitution questions, I do not know, so you will just have to test those out in your kitchen. Subbing in low-carb bread recipes can often lead to failures, and occasionally not. I will tell you this particular recipe is a very delicate egg-white recipe and and the WEIGHT of substitutions can have a negative impact on light, fluffy, airy egg whites. I could therefore make no promises subbing in this particular recipe would cook up right.

    1. Welcome to the site, Christina! The count for almost every one of my recipes is for one individual unit/serving/piece. Reason I always do my calculations that way is by providing a “unit” number, folks who use just one for their mock pancakes, one for sausage gravy at breakfast, or one for “French” toast, garlic bread, know what just one is in carbs. It’s difficult for me to know just how many a person will eat in any instance, or how much of a pie, cake or casserole is a proper serving size. So providing the single “unit” or total number of servings gets around that difficult and quite subjective decision.

      So to answer your question, you’d have to DOUBLE the carb number to get the amount of carbs in two pieces of this. Still very low carbs though, isn’t it? 🙂 Hope you like it!

    1. That’s wonderful these came out perfectly for you. Some have trouble beating egg whites and folding them in gently. Obviously you’re a pro at that! 🙂 So glad you liked them! I’m doing burgers this week myself and am plan on making a batch up soon.

  4. Alisha

    Did I totally overlook where you mentioned the Splenda? I assume you put it in the egg yolk mixture, but it didn’t say. I forgot the cream of tartar in my egg whites. They were still able to form peaks and the recipe still turned out well. What does the cream of tartar do? This is my third or fourth low carb bread recipe I’ve tried. This one tastes the best by far! The other ones were for full loafs, so I don’t know if that’s quite a fair comparison, but still! Thank you for the recipe. I might actually be able to get my husband to eat this one!

    1. Well, it looks like I didn’t mention that in the directions, but it should be added to the egg yolk mixture. I’ve inserted that comment into the directions now. Gee, this recipe has been posted for ages and tons and tons of people have made these. Not a living soul noticed that omission. Thanks so much for noticing so I could correct the recipe. I’m so glad you like the taste/texture of these. I fix these a lot. You might also like my latest sliced bread recipe made up into sandwich bun shapes. I think this is my best bread recipe to date: It, however, is not suitable until the grains rung of the OWL ladder. But well worth a try when you get to that level.

  5. These look great! I am making them for my family dinner on sundayas we have several on Akins and kids who are celiac and another on the ketogenic diet – covers it all! My only question is whether you split them to use as top and bottom or if you use 2 for a hamburger.

  6. Adeline

    Hi peggy,
    I have a question…….I only have 2 large eggs and 3 jumbo eggs on hand, how is this going to change the recipe and is there something I should do ?

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