North Carolina BBQ Sauce

North Carolina BBQ Sauce

Scott’s BBQ in Goldsboro, North Carolina, where I was born, serves classic N.C.  style shredded pork BBQ.  And of course, with their signature vinegar-based sauce.  It’s so unlike the tomato-based, sweeter sauce we see here in Texas, where I have lived the last 40 years.  Though their BBQ sauce recipe is proprietary, this is my parents’ take on the sauce.  It’s real close to the real thing!  Of course their artful slow smoking of the pork has much to do with the success of their business.  🙂  Sometimes I make a 50:50 mixture of this sauce and my traditional tomato-based Texas style sauce.  That’s quite good as well for chicken and beef!  This sauce is Induction friendly.  This sauce requires no refrigeration.  Keeps forever on the pantry shelf.  🙂


2  c. cider vinegar

1-2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

½ tsp. coarse-ground black pepper

1 tsp. Mexican chili powder

½  tsp. salt

½ tsp. dry mustard powder


Mix all ingredients and fill a shaker bottle.  Will keep for ages in the fridge!  My parents poked a hole in the metal lid with an ice pic before placing on the bottle.  They would shake in onto their finely chopped smoked pork right at the table, in addition to what they basted on the meat during the smoking process.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes about 2 cups, or 8 servings, each ¼ c. serving contains:

18 calories

.29 g  fat

1.34 g  carbs

.34 g  fiber


.21 g  protein

152 mg. sodium


6 comments on “North Carolina BBQ Sauce

  1. I too am from the Golsboro area and loved Scott’s BBQ sauce… Move to Florida in 1980 and have lived there ever since…..So I have been looking fro a recipe to make this. Thanks so much for posting….


      • I love this sauce too. I’ve been making it since I discovered the recipe a few years ago. I just finished whipping up a batch 10 mins ago. Thanks so much for posting it. Its my go-to for bbq and meats. I’m a huge fan!


        • My Mom and I were born right around the area where this sauce originated (Goldsboro, NC). She wouldn’t have her BBQ pork any other way. She just hated TX style red BBQ sauce, no mater HOW good it was. And the hubs and I are in TX and he won’t have his BBQ with anything but a good red sauce. Makes it difficult, as chef, to be caught in the middle of such crises. 🙂


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