Baked “Potato”

Baked Potato
Shown with an Anatto or Achiote seasoned beef patty and steamed summer squash and onions (my husbands favorite)

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but another low-carber brought this up on one of my low-carb forums.  I finally was able to find a moderately large turnip in the grocery store and tried this tonight.  Man, oh man!  This tastes JUST like a sweet, baked red skin potato!  No taste of turnip to me at all.  Now this comment is coming from someone who for YEARS picked the turnips out of the turnip green pot; who didn’t care for turnips stir-fried much either, because the bitterness often seen in turnips came out more in boiling and frying methods of cooking, in my opinion.  But I tell you, the way to cook these things is to microwave them!!!  No taste of turnip at all!   Just the creamy, sweet taste of a buttery red potato!  And the skin is textured about like a potato skin, but it doesn’t get crispy in a microwave.  I did not care for these baked in a conventional oven.  And my husband, who detests turnips even agreed they don’t taste like turnips cooked this way!  So now I can have my baked “potato” with my charcoaled steaks!  I’m soooooo delighted to have discovered this method of cooking turnips!  This “potato” recipe is Induction friendly!

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NOTE:  DO NOT EAT TURNIP PEELINGS.  THEY ARE BITTER.  You just eat the soft inside part.  🙂


4  whole 4-5 oz. turnips (or two larger ones if you can find them)

8 tsp. butter (2 tsp. allowed for each turnip/serving) (more if you like)


Wash and scrub the turnips under running water.  Trip the stem end flat and cut the point off the tip of the turnip as well.  Poke the turnip skin several times to avoid rupturing during cooking.  Place on microwave turntable.  Cook on HI for about 3 minutes.  Turn over and cook on HI for about 3 more minutes.     They should be thoroughly soft when done.  Split and place 2 tsp. butter on each turnip (or more if you can afford the fat grams).  You can also add the traditional baked potato toppings like sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and chives/green onion.  Those additions, however, are not calculated in the nutritional info below.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 2, each serving contains:

230 calories

20.5 g  fat

11.2 g  carbs, 4.4 g  fiber, 6.8 g NET CARBS

1.7 g  protein

60.2 mg sodium

41 thoughts on “Baked “Potato”

  1. Tricia

    My nickname at work is Google (I’m told it’s because I know a little bit about everything) and I wouldn’t have known not to eat the peelings 😉 Now my question is, do you peel yours prior to cooking? And how deep do you peel? I made these once before and just sliced them in half and scooped out the centers and they were delicious. I’m wondering if I could peel them first to save some hassle and cooking time?

  2. Connie Leard

    I made fried potatoes (turnips) with onions and bell peppers and it was really good. I cooked in butter and I don’t think anyone would have known they were not potatoes

    1. We all have our likes and dislikes. Something about COLD potatoes turns me off. It’s kinda like my husband who LOVES buttered, steamed cauliflower, but just let me mash it up into cauli-puree and he is grossed out. Exact same food and ingredients, just mashed up. Go figure. 🙂

  3. Roxanne

    I make a beef and potato(turnip) dish and it turns out divine ..I cook sliced turnips and I saute them in coconut oil then I add chopped onions and a bag of prepared fajita beef I add some herb-ox beef bouillon and then some soy sauce and garlic powder and 1 pack of splenda while its cooking …then at the end I add a little xanthan gum I don’t really measure the soy sauce because some people might find it too salty if they add as much as I do so they would have to do it to taste …Yes turnips are wonderful

  4. Shelly

    I wouldnt know because I have never had a turnip before! You cant forget about us newbies! Gonna try this tonight tho and will remember to take off the peeling!

    1. Shelly

      OK, I am convinced. Tasted just like a baked potato! I did put low fat cheese and chives on it. I would think you can make it into anything you would use a potato for.

      1. Oh, WONDERFUL! Glad you tried and LIKED them, Shelly. I keep tellin’ folks they just have to try it one time to believe it. Now granted, I usually only eat them with charcoal-grilled steak, but man they sure taste like a potato when eaten with steak, IMHO. Delighted you enjoyed them! 🙂

    1. I’ve done hash browns with turnips and baked fries. Never thought about potato salad as I’m not fond of it. Might be OK though. TRY it sometime! Would love to hear how that comes out!

  5. Monica

    I cooked the turnips per the instructions, then I placed in a food processor with a few pats of butter, and OMG!!! It was just like having mashed potatoes, but with a little texture. I am so excited about the recipe!! My new fave with steak.

        1. I’ve edited it in red…….but who doesn’t know you don’t eat turnip peelings? You don’t when they are boiled, so why would baking them be any different? Just sayin. 🙂

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