Flax-Whey Protein Pancakes

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I did some recipe combining and came up with these tasty, Induction suitable pancakes.  They fluffed up quite nicely and the flax meal makes them VERY filling!  Isopure whey protein is lower in carbs than the one I mention below, but it’s what I had on hand.  This batter is not pourable and you may have to spread it around with a spatula or spoon to make the pancakes flatter.

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¾ c. flax meal (I like half dark and half golden)

¼ c. vanilla whey protein (I used Body Fortress with  3 carbs per scoop)

¼ c. cream

¼ c. water (or more if batter gets too thick)

1 beaten egg

pinch salt

¼ tsp. each baking powder and baking soda

DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients.  Using ¼ c. measuring cup not quite full, spoon this fairly thick batter onto a hot, griddle to make 6 pancakes.  I oiled my griddle with coconut oil but any acceptable oil is OK.   Cook over medium-high heat.  When the batter begins to rise up a bit and pancakes are browning to your liking on first side (about 2 minutes), flip and cook until second side is brown.  Serve at once with butter and your favorite syrup (I use Cary’s sugar-free maple syrup).

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes six 4″ pancakes, each contains:

124 calories

8.32 g  fat

5.13 g  carbs,  3.90 g  fiber, 1.23 g  NET CARBS

8.28 g  protein

124 mg sodium


17 thoughts on “Flax-Whey Protein Pancakes

  1. OHH my gosh these are great, I actually got 8 pancakes and each one was nice .. I used a little Walden Farms jam on 2 of them, I’ll be making these again for sure… and yes they are filling !!
    Thanks so much for all you do

  2. Could you use the almond meal or coconut flour for the flax meal instead and is the “whey protein” just the powder I use to make protein shakes in the morning? I’m sorry, I’m new to this stuff. 🙂

    1. Yes on almond flour, and yes to WP being what you make your drinks out of. No on the coconut flour. It’ll soak up all the moisture and make these impossible to eat and make them taste of coconut. If you use it, you have TO add more egg(S) for this reason. coconut flour cannot be subbed into recipes 1 for 1.

  3. I will try almond or hazelnut flour instead of the whey for Low Amylose with this and add a splash of vanilla extract. Thank you for the recipe I will use it.

  4. This post made me want pancakes but I didn’t have any whey protein, so I used almond flour instead. I wanted a smaller batch so I used 1/4 cup each flax meal and almond flour, 1 oz cream cheese and 1 oz heavy cream, 1 egg, a splash of vanilla, 1/8 tsp ea of baking powder and baking soda. They were great, thanks for the inspiration Peggy.

  5. Peggy, I have to tell you how excited I am. I sometimes just have to have a sandwich. I tried this recipe as a pancake and thought, the way this cooks I bet I could make sandwiches out of it. Well this morning/noon actually, I wanted a salmon salad sandwich. I was going to be working physically and wanted lots of protein, so this is what I did with it. I used all cream for the fluid, so 1/2 cup of cream instead of water and it was 1/2 half and half and one half 18%. I also added an extra egg (protein again here for me. I have to have high protein for my body type), so it came out nice and smooth as batter. I sprayed a 8-1/2 x 11 approx pan with spray and poured it in the pan and baked it for about 15 minutes at about 350 to 375 (my oven is acting up so you may have a faster one than mine so watch it) It rose like gingerbread, nice and smooth. When it came out I cut it into 4 portions like sandwich bread. Then I made an open faced salmon salad sandwich. Boy did I enjoy it. I still have 3 slices left so I am going to try and toast it next time just to test it. I love this recipe for the speed and the taste and it isn’t heavy and it is great for regularity.

    1. As I sit here I am thinking, I could make bread sticks for snacks to put cream cheese on or liverwurst or a bit of 0 carb jam like Walden Foods or just that something when you need to take the edge off. Oh, I also sometimes add a single packet of stevia depending what I am doing with it.

    2. Well aren’t YOU clever!? I’m going to have to try baking it in the oven. Thanks for the feedback. And I’m glad you’ve now got a bread you LIKE. There are so many abysmal low-carb bread recipes out there. I’ve tried my share of them. Happy bread baking to you, Diane!

  6. Finally! Something that’s like REAL bread. At least for me. I am giddy. I made them today–they came out perfectly. Then, I made grilled ham and swiss cheese sandwiches and wow! Just wow. They actually toast without that burnt egg smell and taste. I am more than grateful. I cannot even say how much. Not even.

    1. Well I’m tickled pink that you are tickled pink, Linda. Glad to be able to make your continued low-carb weight-loss journey a little more pleasant than it was before. It’s so nice when we are able to find a substitute for our comfort foods that allow us to stay on plan. Happy low-carbing to you. Browse away. I have LOTS of favorite comforts on my site. It’s how I’ve been able to stay on plan for over 5 years now. 🙂

  7. Found this web site yesterday, made this recipe this morning after church……..simply delicious!! Followed the suggestion to add the flax just before adding to griddle (which was pre-heated to 350 degrees); served with butter, sugar-free syrup and sausage patties. We will definitely be having these again…….reminded us of the old Buckwheat pancakes my grandmother used to make. Now to try the banana pancake recipe!!!!! Have a great day!

    1. Welcome SillyGrandma! Glad you liked those. You’re gonna love the banana pancakes even MORE!! My husband agrees they’re the best I’ve made to date. Going to try to drop out the banana and see how that batter tastes as a plain pancake next time. 🙂

  8. Are you sure it’s 3/4 cup of flax meal? Mine were so thick I had to add another 1/2 cup water and they still weren’t pourable.

    1. Yes, it’s 3/4 cup. It states to dip the batter up with a 1/4 cup measuring cup because it is NOT pourable. I’ll change the word “pour” to “dip”. Two important things to remember here:
      1) not all flax meals or almond meals are ground the same consistency and that might make a slight difference in batter thickness;
      2) there is the ever-present and annoying “gets thicker as it sits” syndrome that occurs with all flax batters. You want to work quickly once the flax is moistened, as it swells and gets thicker if you mix it up and wait, even just a few minutes, I’ve found. I make sure my griddle is already hot and add the flax to the liquid ingredients at the very last minute possible, right before dipping onto hot griddle. When I work too slowly, mine gets thick, too, and I just add more water. I haven’t found that effects how they cook or taste. 🙂

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