Sugar Cookies


I modified a recipe, adding oat fiber and changing up the sweetener, to come up with these tasty gems.  I suspect they’ll be good iced for holiday cookies. Next time I’m going to press them a little flatter, but otherwise, they had a nice texture and flavor.  These are not acceptable until the nut rung of the OWL ladder.    Place in lidded container.  If these lose their crispness due to humidity, pop them on a cookie sheet and place into a 300º oven for 10 minutes.  They crisp right up!  Don’t know if icing them will tend to diminish crispness or not, but suspect it will.  So I don’t think I will ice more than will likely be immediately consumed.  I don’t think this batter is suitable for rolling and making cut-out cookies.  Too soft to handle that way.


1 stick softened butter, unsalted

¾ c. granular Splenda

2 T. granular or powdered erythritol

1 beaten egg

1 tsp. vanilla (almond extract is good, too)

1 c. fine almond flour

1/4 c. oat fiber (or ¼ c. more almond flour for a gluten-free version)

DIRECTIONS: Cream butter and sweeteners until smooth.  Add beaten egg, vanilla and stir well.  Add all dry ingredients, blend well and chill batter at least 1 hour.  Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Spoon up and roll a ball of dough about 1″  round and place onto parchment.   These don’t spread out much during baking so ½” between them on the pan is fine.  I usually get 20  2½” round cookies out of this batter.  Slightly press the ball of dough down flat with fingers.  You can sprinkle with cinnamon/Splenda or unsweetened coconut before pressing flatter if you want to change this recipe up a bit.  But any topping is NOT figured into the nutritional info below.  Bake at 350º for about 18 minutes.  Do not over brown or they will be dry.   Allow to cool before attempting to remove from the pan.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Entire recipe has 1589.4 calories, 152.64 g  fat, 64.26 g  carbs, 35.46 g  fiber, 28.80 g  net carbs, 31.32 g  protein and 140 mg sodium.   I get 20  2½” round cookies from this recipe, therefore each cookie would have:

79.5 calories, 7.63 g fat, 3.21 g  carbs, 1.77 g  fiber, 1.44 g NET CARBS, 1.57 g protein, 7 mg sodium


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