Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffin

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This is my latest variation on the low-carber’s famed MIM (Muffin in a Minute).  Wanted to try strawberry, but didn’t have any in the house.  Then I remembered some freeze-dried strawberries I had and decided to give it a try.  Also added some oat fiber as an experiment and it really made for a nice texture and flavor on these muffins.  I’ll be using oat fiber in my MIM’s more often now, for sure!   I put cinnamon in the MIM pictured on the right, but we decided we like them better without it.  If I ever get to the regular fruit rung, some mashed up peach with cinnamon would be divine, I believe.  As always with MIM’s, these are packed full of lots of vital nutrients!  This recipe is not acceptable for Induction.


¼ c. golden flax meal

½ tsp. baking powder

1 packet stevia + 2-3 drops liquid Splenda (or 1 pkt)

1 large egg

½ T. butter, melted

1 T. cream cheese, softened

2 T. oat fiber

2 T. chopped strawberries

DIRECTIONS: Using a ceramic cereal bowl, melt butter in MW a few seconds.  Add cream cheese and nuke just to soften.  Stir these well.  Add egg and beat in well.  Add all dry ingredients and stir well.  Add 1 T. water if batter is a little stiff.  MW 1 minute 10 seconds.  If you don’t have a MW oven, fill two well-greased or paper lined muffin cups and bake at 350º for around 18-20 minutes.  Using a knife, remove from bowl/pan.  Soak bowl in water immediately!  Serve warm with butter, if desired.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes one very large muffin which contains:

335 calories

27.9 g  fat

19.6 g  carbs

16.1 g  fiber

3.5 g  NET CARBS

12.8 g  protein

310 g  sodium


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