Buttermilk Cornbread

I have been experimenting with crude corn bran,  as it only has 6 net carbs per oz (1/3 c.), compared to 15 net carbs for whole cornmeal.  I miss my cornbread when I have pork chops or smoked pork.  What can I say?  I’m a southern girl.  To my knowledge, there is only one supplier of this product:  Honeyvillegrains on-line.

Tonight’s experiment came out quite moist and had a good texture and flavor.  It was great warm with butter.  Hubby and I found it quite close to real cornbread in taste!  Texture wasn’t quite as grainy as traditional cornbread, but the taste was very close.  Appearance was pretty good, too, I thought.  I consider this recipe a work in progress, as I am just learning about crude corn bran.  So as I discover improvements, this recipe will be changed here.    This recipe is not suitable until the grains rung of the OWL phase of Atkins.

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½ c. corn bran (I order at honeyville.com)

½ c. CarbQuik bake mix

¼ c. hazelnut flour (almond flour OK but not as good for cornbread)

½ c. oat fiber

1/3 c. (1 oz) vital wheat gluten

½ tsp. salt

½ tsp. baking soda

1 T. olive oil

½ c.  buttermilk (1%)

½ c. heavy cream

2 eggs, beaten

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350º.  Measure all dry ingredients into a bowl  Beat eggs and all liquid ingredients in another bowl.  Add wet ingredients to the dry and stir well.  This batter is very thick, so spoon it and spread evenly into a well-greased non-stick 9″ cake pan (it tended to stick to even a non-stick surface).  Bake at 350º for about 20 minutes.  Toothpick test center to be sure it is done.  Should spring back when touched.  Remove and slice into 8 slices.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 8 slices, each contains:

123.4 cals, 8.18g fat, 15.59g carbs, 11.8g fiber, 3.79g NET CARBS, 7.29g protein, 176.5 mg sodium


47 thoughts on “Buttermilk Cornbread

  1. For those interested in obtaining Superior Products flavorings, they can now be had ordering direct from this website: http://www.selectflavors.com/individual-flavors/ It appears to be a new website handled by the original company, with all flavors showing as “available”. Hope this new information helps. I’m so glad they don’t appear to have gone out of business! 🙂

  2. Thanks crazywoman2!! I did find Bettys site from an older posting of yours but they don’t offer the “fresh corn” flavor but may get desperate enough to try it…I so miss my cornbread!!

  3. where can I find the corn flavoring??? the link on your site no longer works and even when I put in “superior flavor” it comes up with an error. Any suggestions?
    Love, love your recipes!!

    1. Glad you are liking the recipes, DK. That’s really off about the Superior website. It’s not just you, it would appear their website is down? That’s the only place I have ever ordered it, direct from superiorflavors.com website. But no attempt to Google and circumvent to get there succeeds for me either. Hope they’re not going out of business! I adore their Coconutti and Corn flavorings! You might try to reach them through the toll free number here: http://www.psdirectory.com/stores/food-and-beverages/superiorflavors.com

      You can get a 10-bottle set of their flavorings at shopbetty.com, which is a real good deal, but unfortunately, she doesn’t offer the “fresh corn” through her on-line store. 😦

      1. Thanks for the fast reply! I will try their phone number. I didn’t think about their site being down and I sure hope they aren’t going out of business either…especially now that we have started our lc life style.!

    2. dk, I bought mine at Bettys Country Grocery. Do a search for them, Maybe they still have some. They were cheaper than at Superior’s website anyway.

      Sorry, I don’t seem to have their URL link saved.

      1. Just for you info: I tried to call Superior Flavors and got a recording during regular business hours so will try again but have a feeling we have lost them due to the economy!! bummer

      2. Bummer! Betty’s does seem to still have some tho (and available by itself). I just looked it up. It is at the website shopbetty that Peggy posted above. I had actually had missed that paragraph when I posted. I just found it. Here is what I found about the corn flavoring there:

        Superior Flavoring
        Flavor : Corn

        Who knows how much longer it will be available, but at least for right now they seem to have some.
        It is actually cheaper now than when I bought mine before. Shipping at that time for the 1 bottle was $6.75.

      3. You’re welcome! :>)
        Wonder if whatever they have in stock now will be the last of it?
        I know there was at least one fishing supply company that used to have it also. Can’t remember the name. And of course don’t know if they still have any.

        1. Probably this place? http://www.scorpiontackle.com/fresh-corn-flavor-p-263.html I only use it in my corn muffins and my cornbread so far, so hopefully it will last me awhile. I probably should order another bottle, but one time when I stocked up on the Coconutti (my other fav of theirs), it didn’t keep too well. I tried freezing two bottles, but I think it lost some flavor in the freezing, personally. So I suspect the corn would likely do the same. 😦

        2. The Scorpion Tackle is currently out of stock!!! soooooooooo………I would assume they have gone out of business but will try to remember to call the corp # tomorrow……will let u know!!

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