Pumpkin Bread

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This  pumpkin bread recipe has quite a dense texture, which I like, and this is now my current favorite pumpkin bread recipe.  This is basically my Individual Pumpkin Bread X5 made in a loaf pan.  This bread is not terribly sweet, despite what appears to be a fair amount of sweetener.  My first attempt was merely quadrupling my Individual Pumpkin Bread recipe and it only rose 1/2  up the pan.  So below I’ve written the ingredients for 5 times the original recipe, so that YOUR bread, when you try this, will rise even higher than the slice pictured.  Technically this is not acceptable until OWL due to the oat fiber.  But as there is so little in the recipe, plus it’s a carb wash really with equal amount of fiber to deduct, you could probably try this ingredient and see if it causes cravings, weight gain or not.  It does not for me.


5 tablespoon butter, melted

5 eggs, beaten

20 drops liquid Splenda

5 pkt. stevia sweetener

½ c. + 2 T. pumpkin (not the pie filling)

½ c. + 2 T. golden flaxmeal

½ c. + 2 T. brown flaxmeal

2 ½ tsp. baking powder

5 T. oat fiber

2 ½ tsp. cinnamon

¼ tsp each cloves and nutmeg

5 T. heavy cream

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350º.  Grease a loaf pan.  Melt butter in microwave in a bowl.  Add eggs, pumpkin, cream and liquid Splenda and beat until smooth.  Add flax meals, oat fiber, spices, baking powder and stevia and stir to blend well.     Batter will be very thick, so spoon it evenly into greased loaf pan, level with the back of spoon and bake at 350º for about 40 minutes.   If dry to the touch in the center or toothpick comes out clean, it’s done.  Remove, cool before slicing.  Can be eaten as is or you can ice with my Lime Frosting or any favorite topping.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 10 slices, each contains:  (note, this does NOT include any frosting)

180 calories

15.2 g  fat

10 g  carbs

7.9 g  fiber


6.2 g  protein

137 mg sodium

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Bread

  1. MimiDiet

    Hi, Peggy! Is this the kind of liquid Splenda where ONE drop = 1 packet (2 tsp sugar), or TWO drops = 1 packet?

    EZ-Sweetz has posted on their site what some of us have noticed…their 2-oz bottles are HALF the strength of the other sizes (two drop = 1 packet).

    (For those unfamiliar, the EZ-Sweetz bottles gen’ly don’t put the ounces on the bottle, but you can compare by looking at the number of servings on your bottle & comparing it to the bottles on their site: http://www.ez-sweetz.com/servlet/the-ALL/keyword/unit/Categories )

    1. Hi, Mimi! I use the the larger 2.5 oz. bottle (which is more dilute in my opinion) of EZsweetz for my liquid Splenda. The bottle reads 1 drop = 1 tsp. sugar. So using the LARGER bottle formula, it would take two drops to equal 2 tsp. sugar (l pkt. Splenda)

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