Rum Balls


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I modified my old rum ball recipe I always do for the holidays and the low-carb version is quite tasty.  They look and taste just like the original, in my opinion.  These are not acceptable for Induction unless you leave out the rum, which kinda takes most of of the flavor away, honestly.


¾ c. almond meal

¼ c. unflavored whey protein

1 c. finely chopped walnuts or pecans

½ c. cocoa, sifted

¼ c. erythritol, sifted

4 T. melted butter

14 drops liquid sweetener of your choice (I use EZSweets)

2 T. rum  (or bourbon, if you prefer)

FOR OUTER COATING: 2 T. more erythritol + ½ c. more finely chopped walnuts or pecans mixed together in a small bowl.

DIRECTIONS: Mix first 5 dry ingredients in a medium bowl.  Add liquid sweetener and rum to melted butter and stir into batter until well mixed.  It should begin to form a smooth batter.  Spoon up and using hands, form into eighteen ¾-1″ balls.  To finish them off, roll around in pecan coating (I found I had to press firmly onto surface) for as even a coating as you can get.  Store in air-tight container with wax paper between layers.  Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.  These can be frozen.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 18 balls, each containing:

136 calories

12 g  fat

3.75 g  carbs

1.71 g  fiber

2.04 g  NET CARBS

4 mg. sodium


2 thoughts on “Rum Balls

  1. These are great and fun to make but I added more Truvia and then erythritol and even some stevia extract. To MY sense of taste, EZsweetz just doesn’t sweeten chocolate much. I know this varies by individual.

    1. You’re right, Frank. And on top of the highly individual sweetness issue, chocolate desserts are very, VERY hard to get sweet enough with artificial sweeteners. I usually add some erythritol to mine nowadays, too.

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