Almond Bark

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Because this candy is made with coconut oil, it has a hint of coconut flavor.    This was the best low-carb chocolate I’ve made to date!  You could, if you don’t care for coconut flavor, also use melted butter instead of the coconut oil and have a product that tastes more like commercial almond bark.  Wait until OWL to enjoy this recipe.

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1¼ c. coconut oil, warmed

½ c. cocoa powder

1 T. Fiberfit liquid sweetener (or equivalent liquid sweetener for 1/2 c. granular Splenda)

10 drops liquid stevia or liquid EZ sweets

6 oz. almonds, roasted 10 minutes at 350º

4 squares (½ bar or about 2 oz) Lindt 90% cocoa dark chocolate bar

DIRECTIONS: In 9×13 metal cake pan (or the metal lid for a 9×13 cake pan is even better for twisting to release the sheet of candy when set up) toast almonds at 350º for 10-15 minutes, stirring several times during roasting.  Cool nuts.  In a medium bowl, warm the coconut oil (or melt butter) in the microwave a few seconds until melted.  In another bowl, melt the Lindt chocolate until softened.  Add in the cocoa powder, melted chocolate bar and sweeteners and whisk until smooth.  Pour mixture over the almonds in the metal pan/lid.  Using a rubber spatula or spoon, try to spread out the almonds evenly so there will be a nut in each piece of finished bark.  Place on level shelf in freezer for 10-15 minutes.  Remove from freezer.  Gently twist pan to loosen the sheet of candy and flip out onto you hand and set down on counter.  Break up in to approximately 1″ pieces.  I got 60 1-1½” pieces of candy with this recipe.

VARIATIONS:  You could add 1/2 c. toasted unsweetened coconut.  If you’re to the fruits rung of OWL or beyond, 1/2 c. chopped dried apricots or dried peaches, or any combination of these would be fantastic in this.    Recalculate nutritionals if you add these items, however.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes around 60 1-1½” pieces, each containing approximately:

62.4 calories

6.47 g  fat

1.2 g  carbs

.6 g  fiber


.83 g  protein

1 mg. sodium

9 thoughts on “Almond Bark

    1. Yes you can use other nuts. Sorry, I’m not willing to recalculate recipe numbers for all the many substitutions folks want to make. I’d never get off the calculator if I started doing that. Get on one of the free on-line food trackers and do that please. I use, but there are others.

    1. I really can’t answer that for you, Anne. Only YOU know what amount of carbs you can afford to consume on a given day, based on what you have already eaten and what you plan in the day’s menu. The stats are for a 1-1½ piece, so you have to decide. When it comes to candy, a serving is (I think) both a judgemental call as well as a relative thing. Don’t think there is any such thing as a standard serving size on candy, like there is for entrees and vegetables. So if you’ve not eaten a lot today and your dinner and lunch are very low carb, YOU might be able to eat 4 pieces; if your breakfast was high carb and your lunch and dinner are moderate carb, to stay in your carb limits for the day, you might only be able to eat ONE piece today.

  1. Shell

    Do you think it would be okay to add 6 oz of roasted and then crushed almonds, instead of whole ones? I know it would change the appearance, but I believe it would be easier to eat small amounts at a time. …. just wondering… Thank you!

  2. freckles

    Sounds great! Do these have to be kept in the fridge? I’m still looking for a lc candy recipe that can stand room temps…..Thanks! freckles

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