Rutabaga or Jicama Bacon Bites

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I found I like these made with both jicama and rutabaga, but the jicama version is slightly lower net carbs.  I did not find the jicama version quite as tasty as the rutabaga version. Oddly enough, I found the ones made with rutabaga almost like (don’t laugh) bacon wrapped oysters!  I kid you not!  With Jicama, each piece has .31 NC; with rutabaga, each piece has .42 NC.  So it almost doesn’t matter which veggie you use.  Acceptable for Induction only if made with the jicama.  Rutabaga isn’t acceptable until the starchy veggie rung of the OWL ladder.


8 slices thick-slice bacon, cut into thirds

5½ oz. of jicama (or rutabaga if beyond Induction), cut into ¾” pieces

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 375º.  Cut up your chosen veggie into ¾” pieces.  Glaze a non-stick skillet with olive oil and saute until half done and lightly browned.  The pic below shows my jicama and rutabaga after sauteing:

Next, when cool enough to touch, wrap each veggie bite in 1/3 slice bacon, securing with a toothpick, being sure to pick both ends of the bacon and through the veggie cube.  Place appetizers on non-stick baking sheet and bake at 375º for about 10 minutes on a side until lightly browned and bacon is done.  Serve warm.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 24 appetizers, each containing approximately:

24 calories

1.68 g  fat

.6 g  carbs

.2 g  fiber

.35 g  NET CARBS

1.54 g  protein

93 mg sodium

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