Rutabaga Croquettes

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If your family likes potato pancakes (Jewish Latkes are similar), this low-carb version is a pretty close facsimile, in my opinion.  These are great as a side dish at dinner, lunch or they also make a great hashbrowns substitute to go with your eggs at breakfast!  This recipe is not acceptable until the starchy vegetable rung of the OWL ladder.


6 oz. grated, peeled rutabaga

½ c. chopped green onion (yellow has higher carbs)

2 beaten eggs

¼ slice crumbled Low Carb Bread:

Dash each salt and black pepper

2 tsp. + 1 T. bacon grease

DIRECTIONS: Saute onion in 2 tsp. of the bacon grease, heated in non-stick skillet.  When onion begins to get tender, add grated rutabaga and saute stirring several times to partially cook the rutabaga.  When rutabaga is beginning to get tender, pour all out into mixing bowl.  add  crumbled bread, salt, pepper and stir well until all is well-moistened with egg.  Heat remaining tablespoon of bacon grease in skillet over medium-high heat. Form 6 equal croquettes of the rutabaga mixture in your hand.  Gently set them onto skillet and press down to 1/2″ thickness.  Allow croquettes to brown without disturbing them while the first side is cooking.  When brown, gently flip with spatula and brown on the second side.  Serve at once when done.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 6 croquettes, each contains:

81 calories

6.o g  fat

3.5 g  carbs

2.25 g  fiber

1.25 g  NET CARBS

3.28 g  protein

70 mg sodium

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