This is a modification (of another low-carber’s modification) of a Michelle Obama Shortbread recipe found on the internet.  I found the original recipe with 3 sticks of butter to be way too greasy with butter, quite frankly, and the shortbread was entirely too crumbly with 3c. almond flour and only 2 egg yolks to hold it together.  The first batch I made literally fell apart in my hand when I tried to eat them, with huge bits falling onto the floor for my puppies to enjoy. 😦 So I made another batch with several changes and those came out much better.  So my recipe below reflects those changes.  Not acceptable until OWL.

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2½ sticks (1½ c.) unsalted butter, softened

1 c. granular Splenda (or equivalent liquid)

1 pkt. stevia sweetener

3 beaten eggs

3 c. almond flour

1 T. coconut flour

½ tsp. vanilla extract

¼ tsp. salt

1/3 c. oat fiber (do NOT use oat bran, as it it much higher in carbs)

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 325º.  Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.  Cream butter, Splenda and stevia together until smooth.  Add 3 beaten eggs and vanilla extract, whipping to combine well.  Add almond flour, coconut flour, oat fiber and salt.   Stir well to a smooth batter.  Spread dough evenly onto parchment-lined pan.  You can use your fingers moistened with cold water to do this or use plastic gloves if you ave some.  Batter will spread to about ¼” thickness.  Poke holes into shortbread with tines of a fork about every 2″.  Bake at 325º for 25 minutes or just until it begins to brown lightly on the edges.  You don’t want this to get over-browned!  Cut carefully into 32 pieces while still slightly warm.  I am storing these in the freezer and find that firms them up a bit for easier, less-crumbly handling.  🙂

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 32 rectangles of shortbread, each contains:

135 calories

12.9 g  fat

4.09 g  carbs

2.10 g  fiber

1.99 g  NET CARBS

2.99 g  protein

30 mg sodium

13 thoughts on “Shortbread

    1. First question: maybe, but it’s YOUR experiment. No, I’m not willing to calculate new nutritional info for everyone’s variations on recipe. I’d never get off the calculator if I started doing that. Get a free account at and do those calculations. You probably should learn how for future reference anyway.

  1. Dianne Wood

    I just saw shortbread cookies in the store tonight and almost gave in and bought them. I’m so glad to see this recipe- I’m going to try it.

    1. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. The well-ground almonds should work just fine. This recipe is very “short”, which means they are inclined to be a little crumbly. I found storing them in the freezer did wonders for this “crumbly” issue, Justin, as the butter hardens and they then hold together nicely. Another nice thing is they don’t really freeze hard at all, the butter in them just firms up. You can eat them right out of the freezer without thawing 🙂 !!

  2. Ann

    This recipe is to die for! It is WONDERFUL!!! I ate three – and it took all of my willpower not to finish off all 32 pieces! Thank you, Peggy, for this recipe!

    1. Isn’t that a good one?! We love it, too. What I did (because I had the same reaction as you on portion control) was to freeze mine and just have the occasional piece right out of the freezer. That tended to curb my indiscretions. 🙂 So glad you like this, Ann!

  3. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness Peggy these are so good!! I had to change the recipe a bit since I don’t do well with Splenda. I did a mix of Fiber Fit and Erythritol and the texture was perfect. I also recently bought some flavoring extracts and wanted to use one so I put in a tiny bit of maple flavoring. The combination of the almond and butter and maple was a great combo. I recently made my own hazelnut flour and was thinking replacing a cup of the Almond with the Hazelnut next time to see if that works. Thanks for all the great recipes!!!

    1. I’m glad you liked these, Jen. I really like the idea of putting some hazelnut flour in these, too. I found I liked freezing them and eating them right out of the freezer, Jen. Then I didn’t have to worry about any molding or me eating too many at a sitting. 🙂

  4. Barbo

    Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for all the good things you do for us low carbers.
    Want to try your shortbread cookies, I really miss them at
    Christmas. Seeing that you had problems with the original
    tweaked version, are you satisfied with this version?


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