Oven-Fried Chicken (KFC style)


This Induction friendly recipe is one of the many low-carb ways I like to bake chicken now. This recipe reminds me a little of the KFC Chicken “original recipe” with all the herbs and spices.  Cooking chicken in crushed pork rinds is actually not that unique in the low-carb community.  But I wanted to post it for those NEW to low-carb eating.  The flavor of this chicken coating changes depending on what spices you use.  For those not so fond of pork rinds, the Parmesan and spices are pretty much in the “driver’s seat” flavor-wise in this dish.  🙂


3 chicken thighs

3 chicken drumsticks

1/4 c. unsalted butter (or you can use homemade mayonnaise)

½ c. grated Parmesan cheese

2 T. Ranch dressing powder, my Ranch Dressing Powder Blend recipe, an on-line KCF spice recipe, or my Seafood Spice Blend

2 T. parsley, chopped very fine

1/8 tsp. black pepper

¼ c. finely crushed plain pork rinds

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350º. Melt butter in microwaveable bowl.  In a separate container, mix all dry ingredients.  Dip each piece of chicken into butter, rolling to completely cover.  Then roll in the dry coating mix to cover on all sides.  Place on foil covered baking sheet.  DO NOT USE A SILICONE SHEET OR IT WILL INHIBIT BROWNING AND CRISPNESS.  Bake at 350º for 1 hour.  If exceptionally large thighs, check for doneness with a knife, right next to the bone.  Add more cooking time if needed.  Serve at once with your favorite side dishes.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 3 servings, each contains:

579 cals, 40.7g fat, 1.4g carbs, 0.07g fiber, 1.33g NET CARBS, 47g protein, 500-1000 mg sodium (depending on spice blend sodium level)


84 thoughts on “Oven-Fried Chicken (KFC style)

    1. I can’t really say many nice things about the commercial Ranch packet ingredients. Not very healthy….but that’s always your personal call. That would be 1/4 cup pork rinds AFTER crushing. If I mean before crushing, it will read 1/4 cup pork rinds, crushed. Hope that explanation helps you as you read my other recipes.

  1. What kind of pan do u use for this it sounds good! I’m dieabtic and I miss my fry chicken I’m going to try this!

    1. I tend to use metal pans to bake meats so the bottom of the meat browns nicely where it comes in contact with the pan. I think you’ll like this recipe, Tanya. 🙂

    1. Sorry, I have no knowledge of the “bulletproof diet” is. Never heard of it. You’ll have to check their site or literature to find out.

  2. This chicken recipe is sooooo good. Thanks for posting it again, as I too had “lost” the recipe. I’m new to all this low carbing recipes but I’m down 8 pounds already. Thanks again.

    1. WTG on losing 8# already, Christine! And I’m you stopped by and I posted it again at LCAF so you would see it and could grab another copy. Perfect timing, huh? You can always come here to my blog and type in keywords in the search box. They have a pretty good search engine here at WordPress. 🙂 Delighted you like this chicken recipe.

  3. I’m on a salt free diet but I am allowed to use a local seasoning Beniot’s No Salt Seasoning. Could I substitute this seasoning in place of the Ranch? I would also have to eliminate the cheese. Tough not being able to eat as we should, That’s what old age does to you. I’m 88 years old and all this no salt business is new but I’ll do as told.

    1. Welcome, Eldriner! SURE, use whatever your doctor says is acceptable for you health interests. Some other options for you: I have found the No-Salt version of Mrs. Dash (all dehydrated vegetables and herbs) is not bad…….much improved over what it tasted like 15 years ago. There’s even a No-Salt version of Cavender’s Greek Seasoning out there now (but hard to find). And of course, I also have a homemade version of Ranch powder blend that’s not bad: https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/ranch-dressing-powder-blend/.

    1. Are you reading any of the data and literature in the news this year, Darsey? Just this week, in fact, on the national news they are again saying they have been wrong on saturated fat and cholesterol. High intake DOES NOT elevate levels in your blood, even as much as your liver produces naturally. The body NEEDS cholesterol and saturated fats. Even the Federal govt. is admitting publicly they had it wrong for years.

    2. Pork contains medium chained fats just like coconut oil which is why our bodies can metabolize it so easy. Yes, like many other things, we are finding out more. As to salt…celery contains diuretics so have some in a side salad to bind the salt and allow it to pass through.

    1. Welcome, Michelle. It’s mine now, too. I had tried so many low-carb recipes only to be disappointed. This one just doesn’t disappoint. I have another fried chicken recipe that tastes just like flour-coated chicken. But this one is good in its own right. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying it.

  4. I saw this recipe a while ago went out and got everything (Winco sells bulk buttermilk dressing mix) and then could not find what recipe I bought it for. Now that the recipe and ingredients have been reunited I will put it on next week’s menu.

  5. I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, put the ingredients on my shopping list and forgot to mark where the recipe was. Winco actually sells bulk buttermilk dressing mix. Now that the ingredients and the recipe have come together it is going on the menu this week.

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