Beef Chayote Skillet Dish

Beef Chayote Skillet Dish

This dish tastes a lot better than it photographs, but I posted a pic anyway.  I fixed this for lunch and it came out VERY good!  Hubby had a second serving!  Like I said, not a pretty dish for company, but a very tasty and nutritious one for your family.  Check out the nutritional stats!  This is OK for Induction.


10 oz. ground beef

2 oz. onion, chopped

2/3 c. red bell pepper, chopped (or green)

1 chayote squash, peeled and diced:


(here’s a pic if your not familiar:

1 large roma tomato, chopped

½ tsp. chili powder

½ tsp. guajillo chiles, (about 1 small), seeded and chopped fine (optional)

Guajillo Chiles

¼ tsp. garlic powder

Dash salt and black pepper

Optional:  few splashes green jalapeno Tobasco

4 sliced American cheese

4 oz. grated cheddar cheese

DIRECTIONS: Over high heat, brown beef in non-stick skillet.  When it releases some of its grease, add the chopped onion, bell pepper and guajillo chiles.  If meat is very greasy, drain some of that grease off.  When veggies are tender, add diced tomato and all remaining ingredients except the cheeses. Cover and simmer 20 minutes.  Uncover for another 5 minutes or so to cook away most of the liquid.  Top with American cheese and finally the cheddar cheese.   Bake in a 350º oven for 15-20 minutes to meld flavors and melt cheese.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: This nutrient dense dish serves 4, each serving containing:

415 calories

29 g  fat

6.8 g  carbs, 2.6 g  fiber, 4.2 NET CARBS

31.3 g  protein

735 mg sodium


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