Quick Bread


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I wanted a BLT for lunch today and didn’t have the right kind of bread made up.  So I took this English muffin recipe on Linda’s site:  http://genaw.com/lowcarb/lc_english_muffin.html and modified it a bit.  The result was a pretty good quick sandwich bread with good flavor and texture.   I baked it in a 6″ quiche dish, as I don’t own a small enough square pan.  I’ve been meaning to get one and this recipe may just drive me to go on and do that.  🙂    But round worked OK for my BLT. This is not acceptable until the grains rung of OWL. I now keep a batch of Jennifer Eloff’s Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix made up in my pantry.  Made in muffin cups, I would think this batter would make a nice small batch of 4 smaller versions for sausage biscuits perhaps.  🙂


1 egg, beaten

1 T. olive oil

3 T. water

1/3 c. CarbQuick bake mix

2 T. Jennifer Eloff’s Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix:  http://low-carb-news.blogspot.com/2011/04/im-very-excited-to-unveil-my-splendid.html

2 T. golden flax meal

¼ tsp. Splenda, granular (or equivalent)

3/4 tsp.  baking powder

DIRECTIONS:  Beat the egg in the dish you will bake this in.  I used a 6″ ceramic quiche pan.  Add the water and olive oil and stir again. Next add all dry ingredients and stir vigorously until smooth throughout.  Microwave on HI for about 90 seconds or until center is dry and done.  Remove and cool slightly.  Note, it won’t be browned at all.

Carefully tip/lift out of dish using a knife tip or spatula.  Toast either under a broiler (on both sides), or if it will fit, in your regular toaster.    Butter and jam it up as is for a biscuit  like flavor.  Slice laterally after toasting for sandwiches.   Slice before toasting if enjoying as morning toast.  For scone applications with added fruit bits, cut into wedges and toast without slicing laterally.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 2 servings, each contains:

192 calories

18 g  fat

13.2 g  carbs, 9.95 g  fiber, 3.25 g  NET CARBS

10.9 g protein

411 mg sodium

13% RDA Vitamin B12, 15% calcium, 13% copper, 18% iron, 18% phosphorous and 16% riboflavin


12 thoughts on “Quick Bread

    1. I’d have to say the verdict is still out. I had far many more successes with Jen’s mix, because it plays so nicely with a tad of Carbquick. But I don’t eat flour anymore, so CQ is out. Only about half my experiments with Ouiz’s BTF mix have come out for me. I sometimes get very dry results, and not sure why. With her mix, the balance of mix to liquid is critical and very delicate. But I honestly am not doing much baking these days to test it often enough to fine-tune my experiments. Not giving up on the BTF though. I think it has a lot of potential. Other cooks sure are having lots of success with it.

  1. Lee Davidson

    Is Carb Quick Baking mix something you buy or make.
    ps I look forward to what gets delivered every day from your site.
    Thanks for doing this.

    1. Glad my recipes in your InBox are a bright spot in your day, Lee.

      Carbquick is a commercial mix much like Bisquick, with specially processed flours to lower carbs, leavening and shortening in it. I order mine from Netrition.com on-line. Nice folks to do business with. It’s about $13 but I use small amounts in recipes to limit flour consumption, so a box lasts me quite a while.

      But if you have local health food stores, or Trader Joes, some people tell me they can buy it in places like that. You might check such places first. I’m not so lucky to have such stores in my town.

  2. Linda Parsons

    Peggy, is your picture above one serving or two? In other words, do you make your sandwich with bread on just one side of the sandwich…in other words open face? Or do you slice the baked piece through the side to make two rounds and then cut the round in two pieces for a half type sandwich?

    1. Pic shows one serving: half the entire recipe. Recipe makes two servings this size. I first cut the baked “loaf” in half to create two servings and then sliced that serving laterally into two pieces of bread to make a sandwich. Recipe states use a 6″ pan to bake. I don’t eat very big sandwiches anymore, but found dthis quite a large sandwich. If you like larger sandwiches, more along the line of a Schlotzky’s sandwich, you may fine this recipe only serves one person.

  3. Rae Otloeski

    I loved this recipe. I like that it makes only a small amount. I tend to overeat on bready things if it’s around. I found your site a few months ago and have been trying a bunch of your recipes. I decided I would finally let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate them and your site. Thank you!!

    1. buttoni

      Why thank you, Rae! I agree whole-heartedly about having too much bready stuff around the house. Too much of a temptation for me, too. That’s why I stopped experimenting with yeast bread recipes recently. The individual and smaller recipes are faster and “safer” for me. So glad you’re enjoying the recipes! It’s a collection of a lifetime, with only my old-time favorites and the best of my new low-carb experiments that make it to my site. I try to add new recipes regularly, so stay tuned, my friend!

    1. buttoni

      Why THANK you, Jennifer. Likewise! I can tell I’m gonna enjoy playing around with all your bake mixes. Oh, and forgive the typo in your last name, which I have now corrected on this recipe’s narrative. I’m such a lousy typist and an even worse proof-reader.

  4. DCinDC

    What an excellent idea – and versatile too! I just think you are amazing, and use so many of your recipes. Thank you!

    1. buttoni

      I’m thinking of all kinds of ways to perhaps use this. I sliced the leftover half laterally this morning and melted 3 T. cheddar cheese and laid two cooked slices of bacon between. Mmm. Sure made a good breakfast!

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