Moroccan Spice Blend

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This spice mixture is delicious on braised (seared and simmered in liquid), baked or charcoal grilled chicken, pork or beef.  It is also good on baked or grilled fish.  It is Induction friendly.


4 T. paprika

4    3″ sticks cinnamon, broken up, (about 3 T. if using ground cinnamon)

¼-½ tsp. cayenne, depending on taste

3 T. coriander seed

1 rounded tsp. whole cloves (about ½ tsp. ground cloves)

1 tsp. cardamom seeds, removed from their outer pod/husk

1 T. black pepper

3 T. cumin seed (whole)

DIRECTIONS:  Measure all NOT GROUND spice seeds/kernels into a dry, non-stick skillet.   Turn heat to high and roast spices a couple minutes until they become very fragrant.  Turn off heat and cool.  Run through a spice grinder or coffee grinder dedicated to only spices.  Grind pretty fine and store in lidded jar.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes about 1 cup or 16 Tablespoons.  One tablespoon is about how much you would use for a meal or to braise or grill meat.  So I provide the nutritional info below for 1 T.  (adjust down whenever you use less)

18.4 calories

.75 g  fat

3.78 g carbs, 2.28 g fiber, 1.5 NET CARBS

.71 g  protein

26% RDA iron, 25% manganese

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