Rosemary-Onion Dinner Rolls

Rosemary-Onion Dinner Rolls

Rosemary-Onion Dinner Rolls

These little rolls are a variation on a Paleo Flax Bread recipe I saw somewhere on the net.  They came out quite light and tasty.  They are very nice with butter.  These are not suitable until you get to the Atkins OWL nuts and seeds level of the carb re-introduction ladder.  This batter can be baked as a single loaf as well, but allow longer (about 30 minutes) for baking time if you do.  I found they were good at room temperature, sliced and used to make min- sandwiches and sliders, too!

VARIATION:  Omit rosemary & onion powder and instead use dill weed or seed along with lightly toasted minced dehydrated onion.  Or use any other favorite seasoning blend.  Be CREATIVE!!  🙂

This recipe appeared in Volume 2 of Jennifer Eloff’s on-going cookbook series: Low Carbing Among Friends.  Each of her books brings you a huge collection of kitchen-tested low-carb creations by some of the most talented cooks in the low-carbing arena. GET YOURS TODAY from:  Amazon or here


2 T. coconut flour

2/3 c. almond flour

1 c. + 2 T. flax meal (use golden flax for the lightest roll)

¼ tsp. salt

2½ tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. onion powder

1½ tsp. crushed dried rosemary (or 1½ T. fresh, chopped fine)

4 eggs, beaten

¾-1 c. water

4 T. olive oil

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.   Grease loaf pan or muffin pan with some olive oil.  Beat the eggs, 4 T. olive oil and 1/2 c. of the water in a large mixing bowl.  Measure all dry ingredients on top of the egg mixture and stir/beat well.  Batter will be quite stiff.   Gradually add more water in small increments and beat after each addition until batter is smooth/soft enough to be spooned into muffin pans.  I used a square muffin pan making these.  You want it fairly thick!  Spoon into muffin cups nearly full, as these don’t rise too much. I actually used a square muffin pan, with 1″ deep wells.

Optional:  Before baking, sprinkle a few poppy seeds or crushed minced onion on top.

Pop into 350º oven for about 20 minutes (30-40 minutes for a single loaf of bread).  Cool slightly before attempting to remove them from the pan.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 1 loaf cut into 12 slices or 12 dinner rolls, each roll/slice contains:

154 calories

12.8 g  fat

5.83 g carbs, 4.43 g fiber, 1.4 g  NET CARBS

5.71 g protein

83 mg sodium



32 thoughts on “Rosemary-Onion Dinner Rolls

  1. This recipe looks great. How long do they keep? I’m planing to make these for thanksgiving and am hoping to be able to bake them ahead of time.

    1. Welcome, “E”. Most low-carb breads will keep a week in the refrigerator in a lidded container or plastic bag. I hope you like these tasty rolls.

      1. Most breads will freeze for 2 weeks to a month before the dry freezer air will turn them to a brick. I think these would do fine frozen and then reheating. If you are making them ahead, I would not brown them quite all the way so that when reheated, they finish browning on the second reheating. I hope you like these, Linda. I loved them with butter. 🙂

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