Grandma’s Green Beans and “Potatoes”

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This was quite a pleasant surprise.  My grandmother on my Dad’s side when she was still living used to invariably cook small new potatoes with her green beans and it was always surprisingly good, though I always thought it odd at the time.    I was thinking about her beans and potatoes this week and decided to substitute a turnip and add some onion and see how that would be.  Well it wasn’t potatoes, but it sure was GOOD!  Delicate and sweet.  Not at all turnip-tasting and really did remind me of Grandma’s beans and potatoes!  So add this combo to your repertoire of green bean recipes and give this a try!  This is OK for Induction, too!

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1 slice bacon, chopped

2 oz. onion, chopped

2 oz. small turnip, peeled and diced

2 c. green beans, cooked (or no-salt canned beans, drained)

DIRECTIONS:    Cook beans as usual and drain.  In a non-stick skillet, cook bacon until done and add onion and turnip and saute until both are tender.  Add drained beans, toss saute, stirring to warm the beans up.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 3 servings, each contains:

75 calories

3.6 g  fat

9.77 g carbs, 3.37 g  fiber, 6.4 NET CARBS

2.6 g  protein

341 mg sodium

18 % RDA Vitamin C, 16% manganese


7 comments on “Grandma’s Green Beans and “Potatoes”

  1. well…. I must confess.. my friend Judy brought me some home grown turnips yesterday.. and today.. I made a big batch……..3 good sized turnips 1 large onion diced.. bacon grease.. sauteed… in went…2 qts of drained home canned green beans.. now i got my veggie for several days.. I am still amazed they are sooo good.. thanks again ..


  2. Miss Peggy
    I am still braggin’ on your green beans and turnips.. it is a WINNING combo..and supper will be a repeat.. of last night…..
    I did the rutabaga hash browns this am.. they are good but not like the G Beans hehehe and that blasted rutta was hard hard to cut and dice.. might put a post on that recipe for some of us older ones that is not as strong as we used to be……they are hard to cut…hehehehe………. I may try next time to… slice.. steam in the micro a bit and then dice.and pop in with the onions and garlic… but they were good with my eggs and a slice of your bread this am.. and the best part is…. I love to cook.. but we all need new ideas and that is why I am so excited with yours…we seem to like the same thing.. well ,, there is very little i do not like.. but Soy is one.. woooo..I did get my order from the NETTRITION..SO I have some new things to play with.. I truly love the chia seeds I have been using them for some time now..and so good for us..
    my heart cath on friday.. was all for the birds ..there was not 1 thing wrong with my heart and don’t think Doc and I will not have prayer meetin’ over that one..
    I STILL STAND ON………..IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY.. I have great INS and they know it and take advantage of that…and no one can get me to change my mind on that one…. been there done that..
    have a super day dear lady


  3. Can one give a 10 star rating??? Because this one deserves it.

    Now folks,,, as I set here eating this,,, it is TRULY FANTASTIC..
    No joke..
    Peggy this is awesome..

    I used some bacon grease and some coconut oil mixed..
    I had 3 turnips med size I needed to use.. Oh,,,I am sooo glad I made this.. I used,,1 quart home canned drained green beans… 1 med onion I did sautee them, added my beans, with some black pepper.last….. And a few real bacon bits..
    I made about 3-4 times this size recipe and I can tell you this does not taste like no cooked turnip I ever tasted..
    This is past good.. And something I will do often now.. Easy too..
    I also had gotten some beautiful pork steaks at Sam’s today(I like them better than Chops) so I mixed flax meal..and some hazelnut meal..any nut would work pressed them into the coating and fried them till brown on one side… Turned down the Elec skillet and closed the vent and let them set and steam a bit.. Then opened and turned them when nice and brown..
    All I gotta say is……………WOW…. GOOD SUPPER..
    My hat is off to you my dear….


  4. We were just so surprised the turnip were almost like bites of potato! And they were so SWEET with the caramelized onion’s sweetness as well. Mmmm. You’ll like these I think, Laura.


  5. That is a terrific combo. I’d probably add a drop of vinegar just because I like that flavor on green beans. A terrific pairing. Thanks Grandma for the inspiration. I might be getting a fresh bag of green beans in my CSA share this weekend and I have turnips on hand.


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