Green Beans with Purple Onion

Green Beans with Purple Onion

Green Beans with Purple Onion

This may have only the two ingredients, but man, are purple onions ever good with green beans!  If you’ve never cooked this before, you’re going to be astounded at how the purple onion sweetens up those green beans!  All that caramelized sugar naturally in the onion cooks out and ends up in the skillet and then all over those beans.  This vegetable dish is most assuredly Induction friendly.  I’m including this in my collection not because I really think of it as a “recipe” per se, but because so many of the low carbers out there reading this are inexperienced cooks who have never cooked or even eaten green beans prepared this way.  Every time I cook these I ask myself why do I cook them any OTHER way, they are soooo good!  🙂  If you need to cut the carbs a bit on any given day because you are getting close to your daily limit, just use a little less onion.  If you want to garnish, a slice or two of cooked, crumbled bacon is good on top of these, but that is not included in the nutritional info below.


12 oz. green beans, fresh or frozen, thawed

6 oz. purple onion, slivered into ¼-½” strips

Dash salt

Dash pepper

6 T. bacon grease

DIRECTIONS:   In a large non-stick skillet melt the bacon grease over high heat.  Add onion and saute until it is soft and is beginning to caramelize.  Add green beans and lower heat to medium-high.  Saute, stirring often during cooking.  Some water will cook out of the beans themselves.  But when they are finished exuding liquid, begin to add very small amounts to the bottom of the pan.  Not a lot, or you will be boiling the beans.  Each time all the liquid is evaporated, add a little more to keep the bottom of the pan moist.  Continue cooking and stirring and you’ll find the beans are done in about 15 minutes, if frozen; fresh will take a little longer and more additions of water along the way.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 servings, each contains:

99.5 calories

6.63 g  fat

9.68 g  carbs, 2.78 g  fiber, 6.9 g. NET CARBS

1.88 g  protein

40 mg sodium

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