Swai Filets with Blue Crab Stuffing


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This is a wonderful and easy dish to prepare.  It’s one I developed while we living on the Texas Gulf Coast, where I had access to the freshest, sweetest Blue Crab right off the piers.  Now, since retiring and settling in Central Texas (to get away from hurricanes), I have to settle for what comes in little cartons in the fresh seafood area of my grocery store.   Just not as good, is all I can say.   But beats the heck out of boarding up and preparing your home for 2-3 hurricanes a season.  Because this dish uses low-carb flax-based bread, this is OK for Induction.  I would NOT recommend substituting pork rinds in this recipe.   I think you will be disappointed if you do.


½ recipe my Blue Crab Stuffing:  https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2009/07/19/blue-crab-stuffing/

6   4-oz. Swai fish filets  (or tilapia, flounder or whatever mild fish filets you have)

2 T. butter, unsalted

Dash my Seafood Spice Blend:  https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/my-seafood-spice-blend/

DIRECTIONS:   Preheat oven to 350º.  Make the stuffing as instructed in that recipe.  Using the spoon you used to stir the stuffing, equally mark off 6 portions in the skillet.  This helps ensure each filet will get an equal portion of filling.  Melt the 2T. butter in a baking pan.  Take each fish filet in one hand, placing the center of the filet in your palm.  Spoon 1/6th of the stuffing into the center.  then with other hand, fold the tail flap over the stuffing, then the header flap on top.  Gently turn over and place seam down onto the baking pan in the melted butter.   With a brush, baste the top and sides of each “roll” with butter from the pan.  Sprinkle each with a bit of Seafood Spice Blend.  Pop into a 350º oven for about 25-30 minutes.  Lift gently with a long spatula when plating, so as to not disturb the filling that invariably spills out of the roll at each end.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 6 servings, each contains:

280 calories

18.3 g  fat

2.87 g  carbs, 1.23 g  fiber, 1.64 g NET CARBS

26.7 g  protein

350 mg sodium


6 thoughts on “Swai Filets with Blue Crab Stuffing

  1. Swai stuffed with blue crab. Some of the best fish I’ve ever eaten! The fish took on a mild crab taste! Wow!

    1. I agree. Can’t beat a good crab-stuffed fish. When I lived on Galveston Island, I often stuffed flounder with this stuffing. It is even better with flounder!

  2. Made this yesterday with tilapia (and canned crab- only thing available where I live) was still very yummy. Thanks for another great recipe.

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