Individual Cinnamon Coffee Cakes

Individual Cinnamon Coffee Cake

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This is just one of many ways you could use my Individual Vanilla Cake recipe.  You could even take a bit of chopped nuts and cinnamon and add to the bottom of the cake pan before filling with batter and bake some nuts right on the very crown of your coffee cake.  This is not suitable until you get to the grains rung of OWL.  Please bear in mind the nutritional info below does NOT include any nuts you might choose to add to these.


1 recipe Individual Vanilla Cakes:

1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 T. butter

DIRECTIONS:    Preheat oven to 350º and grease pans.  Make Vanilla cakes per recipe instructions. If you want to add chopped nuts, I would recommend adding them to the bottom of your pans before filling with batter to bake.  That way the nuts will be cooked right on top of the cake itself! When cakes have cooled just enough to remove from pans (mine are non-stick, so that’s just a few minutes), place on serving dish.  Slice laterally and spread ½ T. butter on each.  Replace top half of cake and top with remaining ½ T. butter.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve warm with fresh brewed coffee.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes two individual coffeecakes, each contains:

316 calories

26.8 g  fat

17.2 g  carbs, 10.7 g  fiber, 6.4 NET CARBS

17.5 g  protein

551 mg sodium

54% RDA Vitamin B12, 29% A, 22% calcium, 21% copper, 38% iron, 41% phosphorous, 45% riboflavin, 61% selenium and 192 mg potassium


2 thoughts on “Individual Cinnamon Coffee Cakes

  1. Jaebea

    Made this in my gtexpress and they came out great! Made a maple cream cheese frosting to go with it and it taste very maple bar-ish!! Loved it!

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