Turnip Hash Browns

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Yet another pleasant breakfast surprise.  We liked these even better than jicama hash browns!  Great alongside bacon and scrambled eggs.  It’s essential that you let these brown quite a bit, to insure they get done and because the brown bits are what impart the flavor of potato.  When forming the patties in the skillet, keep them quite thin by spreading mixture out with a fork.  Thinner makes them a bit trickier to flip, but the result will be much better.  This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins and Keto diets.

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10 oz. turnip, peeled & grated (1 large)

2 oz. onion, finely minced

1 egg

2 T. flax meal

Dash each salt and pepper

4 tsp. bacon grease

DIRECTIONS:   Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Melt 2 tsp. of the bacon grease in  non-stick skillet.  Dip out about ¼c. of the mixture onto the hot skillet.  Spread mixture out thin.  Do not attempt to flip these for a few minutes, until the first side is nicely browned, or they will fall apart.  Melt the remaining bacon grease around the edges of the pan and flip the patties over.  Brown nicely and serve at once (or they will lose their surface crispness).

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes seven  3″ hash brown cakes, each contains:

57 calories

4.o g  fat

3.87 g  carbs, 1.36 g  fiber, 2.21 NET CARBS

1.7 g  protein

64 mg. sodium


6 thoughts on “Turnip Hash Browns

    1. It’s also known as linseed in some countries. You just grind the seed in your blender/processor/food grinder. You could use a couple tablespoons of low-carb bread crumbles, or almond meal. Don’t know how that will cook up, having not done it.

    1. I’ve never seen them or used them, so I really don’t know. I would think when they thaw, not only will they be somewhat wet from the ice crystals that melt, but they probably won’t grate in a grater for you very nicely. You’ll just have to try and see.

  1. Love, love, love these! I never thought I’d be eating turnips in my life! My mom tried to make me eat them once as a child and it was ugly! LOL
    These are incredible! We had them for breakfast this weekend, love them!

    1. Another turnip convert! YES! I didn’t like turnips much growing up either. It’s just amazing how the method of cooking can totally change a vegetable. Glad you guys like these!

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