Moroccan Koftas

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Shown with Turmeric Seared Eggplant

Found a new use for my Moroccan Spice blend.  Rather than making a plain meat patty tonight (didn’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal), I sprinkled a little of my Moroccan blend into the meat.  Then I decided a little finely minced onion would be good in them.  Greek koftas I’ve had always include parsley so I chopped up a little of that as well.  VOILÀ, a Moroccan version of one of my favorite quick meat dishes.   These were great with my Turmeric Seared Eggplant Patties:, along with a little tomato/feta salad.  This would also be good with some of my cauliflower hummus:  This tasty meat recipe is Induction friendly.  FYI:  These koftas are even better done on the charcoal grill!  🙂

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16 oz. ground beef (or lamb)

1 oz. onion, minced VERY fine

3/4 tsp. my Moroccan Spice:

Dash black pepper

Dash salt (optional)

DIRECTIONS:  Run the onion through your food processor until very fine (or chop it so).  Add meat and spice.  Stir well to blend spice evenly throughout.  Form into 5 small oval patties.   Brown slowly in non-stick skillet over med-high heat until thoroughly done.  If done slowly, you likely won’t need to add any oil to the pan.  Plenty will cook out of the meat.  If very lean, use 1T. oil for frying.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 5 small koftas, each contains:

242 calories

15.6 g  fat

.6 g  carbs, .14 g  fiber, .46 g  NET CARBS

23.2 g  protein

361 mg sodium

22.4 % RDA Vitamin B6, 10.2 % B12, 30.6 % iron, 32.8 % niacin, 35 % selenium, 70.4 % zinc, 25 mg phosphorous

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