Poppy Seed Sandwich Buns



1 recipe Peggy’s Sandwich Buns: https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/peggys-sandwich-buns/

½ tsp. (or less) poppy seeds

DIRECTIONS:  Make the sandwich buns as instructed in that recipe.  When you have them shaped on the greased pan, sprinkle with poppy seeds to your liking.  Bake as the bun recipe instructs, 300º for 25-35 minutes (ovens vary).  Don’t over brown, as the toasting/reheating may dry them out too bad if you do.  Some uses will be visually more appealing if you toast the top bun to brown it nicely.  🙂  Store unused rolls in a bag in the refrigerator.   Will keep a week or a little longer.

NUTRITIONAL INFO :  Makes 8 rolls, each containing:

94 calories

7.66 g  fat

1.6 g  carbs, 1 g  fiber, .6 g  NET CARBS

5.5 g  protein

66 mg sodium

37 % RDA Vitamin B12, 18% copper, 22% iron, 17% phosphorous, 20% riboflavin, 14% selenium, 14% zinc


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