Spinach and Eggs

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I realized as I made this for breakfast today that I should not assume everyone is familiar with this “delicacy” (she says with tongue in cheek).  It was a staple in my house growing up.  And sometimes I forget every household is different and many may have never enjoyed this wonderful food combination.  So though it may be old hat to some of you, I decided to include it in my collection of recipes as it is certainly Atkins Induction friendly and tummy friendly as well!

When my dad, a career USAF pilot, got home 8-9pm on flying days, often we had long since had our dinner.  If he didn’t want to go to the trouble of warming it all up (home microwaves weren’t around back then), this dish with some crisp bacon was often his meal of choice.  It messed up way fewer utensils and dishes than reheating dinner and would take much less time to get to table.  He always got home “hongry”!  🙂  He would always ask if I wanted some, to which, in the beginning, I most often said “No, thanks”, as I thought it didn’t look or sound good.  But one time I  finally sat down and tasted it.  Well…..let’s just say he learned to make extra, no matter what I said, if he wanted to get all his eggs to himself. 😉

What this dish lacks in visual appearance it makes up for in taste.  Mmmm Mmmm Mmm.  This is also good with a bit of minced onion powder added during cooking.  Though Dad often resorted to using canned spinach for this, as have I, it’s not NEARLY as good as it is with frozen, and clearly is the best with fresh spinach.  This is how I most often use up that little dab of leftover spinach that I invariably have.


3 eggs, beaten

½ c. fresh spinach, chopped (or ¼c. frozen, cooked)

2 T. butter, unsalted

Pinch minced onion powder (optional)

DIRECTIONS:   Melt butter in non-stick skillet.  Add spinach and saute until hot/wilted.  Add onion powder if using.  Pour beaten eggs evenly over top and let eggs begin to set on the bottom before attempting to stir.  Gently lift up parts of the mixture and flip over until all have been flipped,  Continue until eggs are thoroughly done.  Serve with crisp bacon on the side and ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 1 serving which contains:

434 calories

38.3 g  fat

3.4 g  carbs, 1.6 g fiber, 1.8 g NET CARBS

21.2 g  protein

272 mg sodium

101% RDA  Vitamin A, 20% B6, 83% B12, 24% E, 34% copper, 47% iron, 20% magnesium, 24% manganese, 46% phosphorous, 76% riboflavin, 93% selenium, 24% zinc


4 thoughts on “Spinach and Eggs

  1. We add spinach to omelets & fritattas regularly. I also like to to saute spinach with a little onion ( or peppers or ………..) until the spinach is almost done and then drop 3 unbeaten eggs on top, cover, & let the eggs poach until they reach your preferred level of doneness (I like my yolks runny). Finish with some fresh ground black pepper & celtic sea salt or kosher salt. Very filling.

    1. Yes, I have done the baked/poached approach before. My husband really likes that, but I’m not into runny yolks 🙂 .

  2. This sounds pretty good. I am not a big egg fan and always trying to find new things to do with them to make them more palatable for me. I will definitely try this in a day or two…have to go get some fresh spinach. 🙂

    Thanks again, Elisa

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