Turkey or Chicken Shawarma Lettuce Wraps

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Turkey or Chicken Shawarma Lettuce Wwraps

There’s a little Middle Eastern deli and grocery named The Phoenicia on Westheimer in Houston.  They make the most wonderful Shawarma Spice Blend and consequently the most wonderful chicken shawarma sandwich with it I have ever eaten in my life.  You Houstonians who haven’t tried it yet are really missing out on one of Houston’s wonderful taste delights.  This is my low-carb version of their chicken shawarma sandwich, which is of course NOT wrapped in a real pita bread, as they are at The Phoenicia. If you are to the grains rung of OWL yet, I would recommend wrapping this in a Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran, Whole Wheat pita for 4 net carbs per whole pita bread. Separating it into it’s top and bottom and only using one half would only be 2 net carbs!  Those still on Induction need to stick with the lettuce wrappers, however.   The deli’s version has cubed potatoes, but my attempt to sub in browned turnip wasn’t so good, so although they are pictured in the example above, I won’t put those in again.  They are therefore not reflected in the nutritional numbers below. They weren’t bad, but just not great in these either. 🙂  This wrap is certainly suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto, Primal and Paleo  diets alike.

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4 T. my homemade mayo

½ tsp. my Shawarma Spice Blend

2 large outer romaine lettuce leaves

4 oz. baked or char-broiled cooked chicken meat, sliced or cooked turkey white meat

With Joseph’s Flax/Oat/Whole Wheat Pita

6 slices Roma tomato

1 oz. onion slivered

2 tsp. olive oil

dash salt

VARIATION:  Substitute white turkey meat for the chicken.

DIRECTIONS:   Saute onion in olive oil until it just begins to brown. Turn off heat.  Stir Shawarma Spice Blend and salt into mayo until well blended.  If using pita bread, lay a lettuce leaf on each one and lay turkey or chicken down the center.  If not using pita, lay half the meat down the center of each lettuce leaf.  Put about 1T. Shawarma mayo evenly on top the length of the wrap.  Next lay the onion on the meat.  Top with tomato slices and top with the remaining T. of Shawarma mayo. Sprinkle with a little more spice mixture if desired.    Roll and ENJOY.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes two wraps, each contains  (not including pita bread):

363 calories

32.1 g  fat

2.82 g  carbs, 1.0 g fiber, 1.82 g  NET CARBS

16.5 g  protein

320 mg sodium


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