Strawberry German Pancake

Strawberry German Pancake

Strawberry German Pancake

When I opened the refrigerator this morning, two things called to me: a cut spaghetti squash half and a few remaining red strawberries in the carton.  It immediately brought to mind a couple of very old recipes of mine, pre-low-carb days.   I wondered how I might low-carb it into something for a late breakfast.  BINGO, I’ll put the pancake and pie recipes I was thinking about together to create something new.  So that’s what I did!

This is my low-carb version of my old German Pancake recipe, although mine has less egg in it than is typical (I’m not too fond of eggs). This came out delicious and my husband, who dislikes all things spaghetti squash, could NOT tell it was in the dessert I served him for brunch!  Don’t ya just love when you fool someone’s taste buds that way?  🙂 Unable to find my old recipe, I just started without one. I first cooked the squash and forked out 1 c. of the threads for this recipe, storing the rest in the freezer for another use.   Then I started throwing things on top of that into the bowl.   Sometimes the ingredients just click!  🙂  This is not suitable until the berries rung of the OWL ladder.  Anyway, I think you’ll like this should you decide to give it a go.

VARIATION:  Use fresh peaches and sugar-free peach jam instead of the strawberry flavor theme. (will be higher carbs)

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1 c. cooked spaghetti squash threads

1 oz. cream cheese

2 T. butter, unsalted

2 beaten eggs

1½ pkt. Truvia sweetener, or equivalent sweetener of your choice

2 tsp. DaVinci Vanilla sugar-free syrup (or ¼ tsp. vanilla extract)

2 T. golden flax meal  (or 2 T. almond flour, or 1 T. coconut flour)

1 T. sugar-free strawberry preserves

3 oz. sliced strawberries

WHIPPED CREAM TOPPING:  1/3 c. cream, whipped.  Add 1/8 tsp. vanilla & 3 drops liquid sweetener. Stir.

DIRECTIONS:  Microwave on HI a seeded spaghetti squash half cut-side down in ½” water for 13-15 minutes.  Fork out 1 c. of the threads into a mixing bowl.  Store the rest in your fridge or freezer for another use.  Preheat oven to 350º.  While still hot, mix in the cream cheese and butter to melt.  Stir well.    Add eggs, sweetener, DaVinci, flax meal and sliced strawberries.  Stir well and pour into buttered pie plate or quiche dish.  Bake at 350º for about 20-25 minutes or until center is set.  Remove and cool almost completely (top layer cannot be even warm really, but bottom one will still be) or the whipped cream topping will melt and be a runny mess, spoiling visual appearance greatly.  Cut into quarters and carefully lift 1 quarter out onto each of 2 serving plates.  Spread half the strawberry preserves on each in a thin layer.  Place another quarter of the pancake nicely on top and top with half the whipped cream topping.  Serve at once and ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 2 servings each containing:  (calculated using flax meal):

356 calories

29 g  fat

12.5 g  carbs, 4.85 g  fiber, 7.65 g  NET CARBS

10.5 g  protein

217 mg sodium

314 mg potassium


10 thoughts on “Strawberry German Pancake

  1. I love your recipes! As a diabetic, I try to stay on an extremely low carb diet to keep my blood sugar levels where they should be, but it’s easy to get in a rut eating the same things all the time. Your recipes help so much; thank you!

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. I do try to keep my net carb counts very low. I have a few recipes on the site that are 10 and 13 carbs (special occasion desserts as I recall), but most are under 7 net carbs. It’s a pleasure to share them when folks like and appreciate the effort. It makes the sharing all the more worthwhile and gratifying when folks take the time to tell me they like them. I thank you for your continued interest in them. 🙂

  2. I worked at UTMB for 5 years and we lived in Bayou Vista. My husband worked at Lockheed. As for the heat in Phoenix….I’ll take the fire any day over that gulf coast humidity. I still get back there once or twice a year. All my sisters and my brother live in Texas. I may be back there some day. Thanks again for the GREAT recipes.

    1. I worked at UTMB for about 11 years and many of our friends and teacher co-workers at Ball High lived in Bayou Vista. Small world, huh?

  3. Oh Peggy, I made this last night, and wow it’s wonderful!!! My hubby who won’t eat any veggies wanted seconds. I didn’t tell him what was in it ( why ruin my feelings of “putting one over on him”). Love your blog, thanks for helping me stick to this way of eating. Deborah Wagner Show Low, Az.

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you guys liked this, Deborah. We sure did, too. I can’t believe I just kept throwing stuff into the bowl and it came out so tasty. Sometimes I’m spot on, as my husband says. 🙂

  4. Jennifer Eloff suggested your blog. It is GREAT! I am from New Braunfels…sounds like you are in the neighborhood. Worked most of my life in Houston but now live in Phoenix.

    1. Thank you, Cathy! And welcome to my site! Jennifer is a sweetheart and such a boon to the low-carb community. We were undoubtedly near neighbors when you were in Houston (I lived in Galveston and Texas City jointly for over 30 years. Retired in Central Texas though. 🙂 And Phoenix is about the only place in the entire United States any hotter than Texas right now. So you went literally from the frying pan to the fire, girl! LOL Hope you visit often, or subscribe if that’s easier!

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