Chocolate Pudding & Pie Filling

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Choclate Pudding and Pie Filling

My husband wanted some chocolate pudding tonight.  Since I’m trying to stop using the sugar-free pudding mix in the stores because of undesirable ingredients, I started to throw together this recipe using what I had on hand and using a traditional sugar-based pudding recipe in an old cookbook.  This is similar to a mousse in my opinion.  But it came out pretty good I think.   This recipe is OK once you get to the OWL phase of Atkins. VARIATIONS:  CHOCOLATE PIE (my mother-in-law’s favorite):  By increasing the gelatin to a full package, this pudding could be converted into a chocolate pie filling for your favorite cooked low-carb pie crust and baked meringue or whipped cream topping. CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE:  Use the full pkg. of gelatin in the chocolate mixture.  Whip and sweeten 1 c. whipping cream and fold into pudding. You will have a lovely chocolate cream pie filling for a cooked pie crust. You can always add some dissolved instant coffee crystals or Kirsch or amaretto into the chocolate mixture to totally change up the flavor of any of these variations. 🙂 INGREDIENTS: ½ c. sugar free chocolate chips 6 squares (3 oz.) Lindt 90% cacoa unsweetened chocolate bar (or Ghirardelli 100% if you can afford the extra carbs) ½ c. Splenda, granular ½ c. erythritol, granular Dash salt ½ tsp. vanilla 4 oz. heavy cream 4 oz. warm water 4 eggs, beaten ½ pkt. unflavored gelatin (I use Knox) DIRECTIONS:   Using a processor (or blender), break up the chocolate bar into smaller pieces and add to the bowl of the processor.  Add the chocolate chips, and eggs and process until fairly smooth.  In a small bowl, mix the sweeteners and gelatin and add to a medium saucepan.  Scrape the chocolate/egg mixture into the saucepan.  Add all remaining ingredients and heat over medium heat to slightly cook the eggs and melt the chocolate completely.  When mixture begins to slightly bubble, remove from heat and pour into serving dishes.  Chill for at least 1 hour and serve with a dollop of whipped cream if desired. NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 4 approximately ½ c. servings, each contains:  (this does not include crust or any topping or meringue in the variations mentioned).  NOTE: this is calculated using Lindt 90% chocolate 260 calories 21 g  fat 11.9 g  carbs, 2.88 g fiber, 9 g  NET CARBS 10.43 g protein 119 mg sodium

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