Orange Marmalade Cake

Orange Marmalade Cake

Orange Marmalade Cake

This cake came out so moist, icing is just not needed!  I made my first ever attempt at a low-carb marmalade this week and it made so much, I decided to use small jar of it in making this absolutely delightful cake.  Mmmmm was it ever good.   My husband, who is rarely vocal about my low-carb baking, just LOVED this cake!

This cake is not suitable until you get to the higher fruit rung of OWL as the marmalade is made with the whole orange and not just the peel.  You can of course, substitute lemon or lime marmalade into this recipe, but it may require quite a bit more sweetener, since they are naturally more tart.   🙂

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1 c. almond flour

½ c. coconut flour

2 T. oat fiber (not oat bran!  Oat fiber is not 100% certified gluten free)

½ c. erythritol

½ c. granular Splenda (use liquid Splenda to lower carbs even more)

¼ tsp. salt

2 tsp. baking powder

2 pkts. stevia

3 T. melted butter

1 c. my sugar-free Orange Marmalade

2 tsp. vanilla

7 eggs, beaten

DIRECTIONS:   Preheat oven to 350º.  Measure and stir dry ingredients into large mixing bowl.  Add wet ingredients and stir well.  Pour into a deep, buttered round cake pan, Bundt or angel food cake pan.  Bake in a 350º oven for 40-50 minutes.  Test for doneness with a toothpick at the center.   Allow to totally cool before attempting to remove from the pan, as this, like most large low-carb cakes, is a bit fragile when still warm.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 10 servings, each contains:

189 calories

13.6 g  fat

10.83 g  carbs, 5.11 g fiber, 5.72 g  NET CARBS (less if you use liquid Splenda)

8.54 g  protein

246 mg sodium

40 mg potassium

19% RDA Vitamin B12, 91% C, 24% iron, 88% phosphorous, 15% riboflavin, 20% selenium

16 comments on “Orange Marmalade Cake

    • Substituting in baked goods can be risky. You’re basically experimenting, so don’t be upset if it doesn’t cook right. Just have to be honest with you. Conventional baking isn’t rocket science; but I think low-carb baking just about IS rocket science. Don’t know what to suggest, as you are wanting to sub out the MAIN ingredient. Try a low-carb bake mix first, but many of them have almond flour in them, so be sure you read the ingredients listing. DO NOT try to sub in coconut flour. It just will not work.


  1. Can I use swerve or another sugar substitute for splenda? Anything besides the artificial sweeteners? Thank you looks yummy 🙂


    • I think the wetness of syrup, on top of 1 full cup of marmalade and all those eggs will make your batter too wet to cook right, Sheila. If you did try it, I’d reduce the marmalade by the volume of Davinci you use, to keep the moisture:dry balance in tact. You might be better off just subbing in erythritol, or a mixture of erythritol and stevia.


    • It’s the only thing that could be doing that if you’re sure you didn’t mis-measure the coconut flour or oat fiber. Either of those will notoriously dry out a cake/bread if too much was used.


  2. This may be a really dumb question, but what does “This cake is not suitable until you get to the fruit rung of OWL as the marmalade is made with the whole orange and not just the peel.” mean? What is the “fruit rung” and what is “OWL”?


    • Well, ER, all my low-carb recipes are geared specifically for the Atkins low-carb lifestyle. Other low-carb folks visit, as they can use these recipes, too. If you’ll click the Atkins tab at the top of my page, it will link you to the Atkins website’s more thorough discussion of the four phases of this weight-loss weight maintenance program. OWL stands for Ongoing Weight Loss, or the second phase of Atkins. In that phase, you slowly add back foods you were not allowed to eat in Phase 1 Induction, but they must be added back in a certain order. Fruits are not added back into the meal plans for quite a long time. Berries are the one fruit that is permitted somewhat early in the OWL stage of the program. All other fruits are introduced much later, when you are practically at goal weight.


  3. Not up to tackling homemade marmalade, I made this with sugar free apricot jam from the grocery store and was very pleased with the result. The texture was very close to regular cake, but it was a tad dry (I keep my “flours” in the freezer, which does dry them out a bit), so next time I think I will add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of sour cream. This is a great recipe, going into my TNT notebook for sure – thank you!


    • I keep my flours in the freezer, too, but this cake was not dry at all….extremely moist (almost too moist, to be quite honest). I suspect the apricot jam has a lower moisture level because most commercial brands are a lot thicker? Just guessing there. If you might have mis-measured the oat fiber, now too much of THAT will sure dry out the final product. So glad you liked the flavor though. 🙂 Next baking, if you stick with the commercial jam, after carefully measuring all your dry ingredients, maybe adding 1/4 c. sour cream (1/3 might be too much) would indeed help.


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