Ranch Broccoli and Mushrooms

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I found an open packet of literally “hidden” Hidden Valley Ranch Buttermilk Salad Dressing mix in my pantry (pushed to the back) that I didn’t even know I had.  Thought to myself I need to use it up.  At first, I was going to try a fresh mushroom dish with it, but decided to also use include some fresh broccoli.  Came up with a really-not-fancy but delicious side dish to go with my baked chicken.  I was pleasantly surprised how good it was and how unlike Ranch salad dressing it tasted.  This was easy-peasy and I liked the lemony tang the seasoning provided.  This recipe is Induction friendly.


8 oz. fresh broccoli

6 medium mushrooms

2 T. Ranch dressing powder

½ stick unsalted butter

Black pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS:  Cut broccoli into 1½” flowerettes, stems as well.  Place in bowl with a little water and microwave on HI for 3 minutes.  Remove and drain well.  Slice mushrooms thick, say 4 slices each.  Melt butter in non-stick skillet and saute mushrooms just until no longer “opaque white”.  Add drained broccoli and sprinkle Ranch powder over the top.  Stir to blend seasoning for 1 more minute only and serve.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 servings, each contains:

128 calories

11.7 g  fat

4.9 g  carbs, 1.75 g  fiber, 3.15 g NET CARBS

2.55 g  protein

55 mg sodium

268 mg potassium

16% RDA Vitamin A, 68% C, 13% copper, 16% riboflavin


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