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I came up with the cutest little dish today!  Made me and hubby both smile and will doubtless make your children smile as well. It tasted like a really good enchilada, it just wasn’t rolled in the traditional manner.  Dishes like this are particularly easy for me, as I keep about 10-12, cooked 6 oz. beef patties in my freezer at all times.  That way I can defrost one in the microwave in just a couple minutes and I’m good to go for a quick meal.This dish is amazingly simple to be such a simple dish!  Though you can certainly bake this in a microwave, the brim of the sombrero won’t curl up.  But it will still taste good.  If you bake it in the regular oven, the tortilla will actually curl up, separate and look like two brims of a sombrero curling upwards. Of course, this is a little high in carbs, and not suitable until the grains rung of OWL, due to the half a corn tortilla used in it.  The tortilla can be omitted (but at great flavor cost), making this a dish that would be OK for those who are to the legumes rung of OWL.  Sorry, but this dish is just not suitable for Induction due to tortilla and refried  beans.


6 oz. raw ground beef patty (cooks out to about 5 oz.)

2 T. refried beans (I used canned)

¼ c. tomatoes and green chilies, drained solids only (Rotel or any no-sugar added brand is OK)

2 slices Deluxe American cheese or cheddar (cut into circles, saving corners also for use here)

½ jalapeno pepper, tip left in-tact, the rest chopped fine

1 corn tortilla (you will only be using ½ of it however)

Bit of chopped cilantro (optional)

DIRECTIONS:   Cook meat patty in a skillet until fully cooked and place on an oven-roof plate.  Spread 1 T. refried beans evenly on the top.  Then spoon 2 T. of the drained tomato/chile mixture.  Next lay half the cheese corners in the center and put one circle of cheese on top.  Sprinkle with half the chopped jalapeno and if using, half your cilantro.  Next trim about 5/8″ off all the way around the outer part of the corn tortilla.  Discard the edge you trimmed off or save for some future use.  Place the trimmed-down tortilla circle on the stack next.  Spread with the remaining tablespoon of refried beans, carefully not spreading the beans all the way to the edge, so as not to cover up your sombrero’s “brim”.  Next spoon on the rest of the drained tomato/chile mixture in the center.  Now lay the remaining cheese corners in the center and top with the second cheese circle.  Spoon on the remaining chopped jalapeno pepper and nestle the pepper tip right in the center for the top of your sombrero!     If in a hurry, you can just microwave covered for 2-3 minutes at about 80% power.  If time permits, pop into a preheated 350º oven for about 1o-15 minutes so the sombrero hat brim will turn up and the cheese will start to melt.  🙂  Optional garnish: a sprig of cilantro and more jalapenos for those that like to REALLY spice things up.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 1 serving which contains:

538 calories

38.5 g  fat

15.2 g  carbs, 3.1 g  fiber, 12.1 g  NET CARBS  (only 7.5 NC if you omit the corn tortilla)

41.9 g  protein

1300 mg sodium


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